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branie Oct 23, 2012
Do some homework, make a list and go. Or do like my friend did a few years ago, get all emotional and upset, almost to tears while speaking with the manager of the particular store, try and emotionally get a price you want for an item, it worked for her or maybe it was her low cut shirt, not sure, lol..But her son got the game he wanted and she paid the price she wanted. I was not sure if I was impressed or embarrassed for her :)
MrBklynW Oct 22, 2012
hmm...interesting.. really got to research this Black friday to get the best deal
dvinegrace83 Oct 22, 2012
Good to know! Nice to go in with a game plan!
deby32953 Oct 22, 2012
Game plan? What's that? I just gifted my 3 yr old grandson with toys & size 4 clothes I'd been buying since he was a 3 week embryo! I have most of my 3 grandchildren's (1 9-days old) (school) clothes, toys, lunch boxes, even backpacks up to ages 12 already since when I find a great deal I buy right then & label for who its for & put up in my bulging gift closet. Christmas shopping is already done for relatives for the next few years & if you unexpectedly stop by during the holidays, I'll have a wrapped gift for you too! I'd guess everything I purchase is very high quality but at least 75% off, purchased w/a code, shipped free & I went through a cash back site. Just call me Super Shopper! (Happens when you become an old bed-ridden invalid + I consider the #1 expert in the world on internet shopping! I should teach seminars - ONLINE of course. (I earned that $0.30!)
akaricke Oct 23, 2012
I do the same as Deby. I shop all year and when I see something I think a friend or. relative would like I snatch it up at the super deal price. By the time the holidays come around I have a bunch of nice items for them that I could not normally afford.
dvinegrace83 Oct 23, 2012
lol exactly!! and let's face it, kids kind of like the same old toys and the clothes all start to all look the same after awhile. i think they could care less if it's a few seasons old. i certainly don't if i get them dirt cheap for a product htat's jsut fine!
Dexterous Oct 22, 2012
Sorry dup:
ragingwookiee Oct 22, 2012
Best Buy news posted here:

Target News posted here:
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deby32953 Oct 22, 2012
Boy, y'all got me confused!