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Misconceptions About Neutering Look At It As Your Responsibility

Having a pet of any kind requires a lot of love and responsibility. Both of these things go hand in hand; working together to keep your pet living well. However, there are also times when love and responsibility seem to be in conflict with each other. Neutering dogs is a perfect example of this. A lot of people think it's a cruel procedure because they imagine how they would feel if a similar procedure were performed on themselves. Another problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions about neutering. So, while you may understand that it's the right thing to do, what you need to know is if it's also a caring thing to do.

No matter what you may have heard, your dog will not get depressed due to lack of sexual activity. Remember, as much as you love your dog, it is not a human being. Yes, dogs can form bonds, but they do not have sex for the sake of romance or intimacy. Instead, it's an instinctual activity that will not cause your pet to become depressed if they don't engage in it.

Some people like to have their male dogs act like male dogs. In other words, they want them to be tough and strong. One of the most pervasive myths about neutering is that it will make a dog weak. This simply is not true. Actually, if anything will happen, the dog will become more focused. Then it will be able to use the strength it has more effectively. Furthermore, if you have a pet that you like to use as a guard dog, then neutering will not change its ability to guard you and your family.

Neutering in and of itself will not make your dog fat and lazy. As long as you feed him a proper diet and help him stay active, you will have no problem. The reason this myth exists is that some owners start treating their dogs differently after having the surgery. They think the dog needs to be babied more, or that it can't handle the same amount of exercise. It then becomes a self-fulfill prophecy where the neutering gets wrongly blamed.

Another one of the major misconceptions about neutering is that it's not natural. That's not to say that neutering occurs naturally in the wild, but people that use the argument that neutering is unnatural forget one thing: it's not natural for people to have pets either. However, because you have already decided to have a pet, it becomes your responsibility to take care of it. Remember, the dog is entering into your world, and not the other way around. That means you need to make sure it has food, shelter, attention (they are pack animals, and that means they are social animals), and that it stays healthy. Neutering helps control the pet population, and it also can keep your dog safe...and that's no myth.

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