Snail's teeth could help develop future battery tech-no, really - Yahoo! Autos

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We often cover the progress of battery technologies here on Green Car Reports, and while always of interest, few new discoveries are really that surprising.

The potential of a biomineral found in the teeth of a marine snail isn't one of those unsurprising discoveries.

Studies at the University of California, Riverside, suggest future batteries and solar cells could use materials formed in a process found in the gumboot chiton snail, reports Wards Auto.

The large sea snail features a conveyor belt-like arrangement of teeth in its mouth, used to rasp algae from rocks on the sea bed. Grinding away at rocks wears the teeth down, but they're constantly replaced by further rows. Even so, the teeth are very hardy--containing the hardest-known biomineral, magnetite. As its name suggests, this substance is also magnetic.
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