Some Chicken May Contain Arsenic, FDA Says

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horrorfreakshow (L4)
Dec 06, 2011
fluffy (L4)
Dec 05, 2011
This is news only in the sense that it has been one of the best-kept secrets of the poultry industry. Arsenic has been fed to chickens in the US since the 50's. There is a lot being said of how "organic" arsenic is less dangerous than "inorganic" arsenic, but either form converts to the other rather easily, and organic forms are still very toxic, just not VERY, VERY, VERY toxic.

There is misinformation in the article calling organic arsenic naturally-occurring, as if we were talking about organic versus factory farming. Here "organic" is a chemical term simply meaning that the arsenic is bonded to carbon in the compound, thus Roxarsone itself is organic arsenic. Most naturally-occurring arsenic is in the form of inorganic minerals and the free element itself.

Don't worry about your McNuggets, though. McDonald's stopped using arsenic-fed chicken years ago.

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