Sony expects the Xbox 720 to be unveiled at April event


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By announcing the PS4 first, Sony has put the pressure and focus on Microsoft to deliver with its Xbox 720 console. But when will they deliver it?

There have already been predictions that Microsoft would talk about the Xbox 720 at GDC in March, or that the big reveal would come during E3 in June. Sony has heard otherwise, though. The Japanese company believes that Microsoft is planning a special media event in early April focused on the new console.

The prediction comes from a “senior Sony official” talking to CVG who didn’t want to be named. It has been backed up by a number of game developers who have also heard about the April event. The Sony official also claimed Microsoft was not expecting the PS4 to be revealed this week and it caught them “off-guard,” but then you’d expect a Sony employee to say such things about a competitor following a hardware announcement.

Revealing the new Xbox in April does make sense as it then leaves E3 to focus on showing off what the system can do in terms of games and services. It also means Microsoft can go head-to-head with Sony at the show as there is already knowledge and a lot of coverage out there about both systems.

Whenever Microsoft chooses to talk about the new console, they need to have a killer line up of games to show off, put our minds at reast that it isn’t an always-connected machine, and counter Sony’s promise of instant game streaming and second screen features with something just as interesting.
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