Sony Goes Big Into 4K: OLED Ultra HD, 4K Video Service and Consumer Camcorder - ABC News

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LAS VEGAS — You’re not surprised, are you? Sony took the stage this evening at its press conference at CES 2013 to unveil a whole array of electronics, including, yes, a 4K TV. But not just one or two 4K TVs — there’s a host of 4K products and services the company is working on.
Lets start with the TVs, though, since that really is what everyone is talking about here at the consumer Electronics Show. Sony came out with an 85-inch 4K, Ultra HD TV last year that is on the market now for $25,000. There will now be smaller sizes — 55- and 65-inch models — which will bring down the price, Sony says. These sets, it promises, will offer the same sound and picture quality as the current model.
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solowkoe (L5)
Jan 09, 2013
4 X the resolution of 1080p, wow. Can't wait for them to be consumer price book friendly. Good read.
tanush6 (L4)
Jan 09, 2013
this is big news..this is great.

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