Staples Rewards | 5% Back on Everything Starting 3/15

Rewards members get free shipping sitewide at Sign up is free. More Details Here
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What's the matter?
MrBklynW Mar 15, 2013
Awesome. I guess since office max was doing it.
YesBoss Mar 15, 2013
Need to purchase laptop, this is good saving. Thanks for sharing.
natarajansaktive Mar 15, 2013
5% back and free shipping are best idea. Nice deal.
rd995 Mar 15, 2013
5% back and free shipping sounds good to me will sign up thank you
themoneyman1113 Mar 14, 2013
Very cool, starts tomorrow. Signing up, thanks for the share.
chuckydealpl Mar 14, 2013
bummer on the ink recycling rewards only with $30 ink purchase/180 days
xptrish Mar 14, 2013
you got a duplicate post..well I mean someone duped yours:
I flagged it for you.
ragingwookiee Mar 14, 2013
@xptrish Thanks!
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dddsss Mar 15, 2013
@xptrish i did not intentionally dup his post. my search terms didn't show anything. maybe DP should give me some credit for alerting them of this deal again, as this deal was promoted hour[s]+ after i posted mine[3 times, trying to figure out best place for it]
xptrish Mar 15, 2013
@dddsss I never said it was intentional so relax,it happens to us all sometimes. As to your wanting to be credited for reminding about the deal,here's how it works on DP when you submit a post about a FUTURE offer/sale, DP will move that posted deal to the front when the date of the deal arrives. So no need for you to to be compensated for "reminding" us about the deal, DP already has it covered.
xptrish Mar 15, 2013
Also when I searched BOTH this post and your duplicate showed up,I was going to post it,did a search and wallah....there it was,that's how I saw yours was a duplicate.
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xptrish Mar 14, 2013
I just signed up for mine.Easy !
deal Feb 28, 2013
Wow that is awesome! 5% back and free shipping on everything... Can't wait till 3/15/13. Thank you for the heads up ragingwookie! :)
ragingwookiee Feb 28, 2013
As of 3/15/13 Staples Rewards® members receive 5% back in rewards on all items excluding taxes, postage, prepaid phone cards, delivery charges, coupons, gift cards and purchases made on third-party Web sites. Staples Rewards for Plus members are issued online monthly when the value of the Reward is at least $5. Rewards expire no less than 60 days after issuance. Monthly balances of less than $5 will roll over each month until the minimum is met for that calendar quarter. If the $5 minimum for the quarter has not been met, the balance will expire at the end of the quarter. Staples Rewards® for Premier members are issued online monthly, but only if the value of the Reward is at least $5. Rewards expire no less than 150 days after issuance. Balances of less than $5 expire at the end of the calendar year. Rewards members receive free shipping on all orders placed on® or by phone at 1-800-333-3330 for which a membership account is identified, excluding orders made at,, and third-party Web sites linked to Standard Staples delivery policies apply. Recycle any ink or toner cartridge, up to 10 per calendar month per Plus customer or up to 20 per calendar month per Premier customer, and, if the member has spent at least $30 in ink and/or toner purchases at Staples over the previous 180 days, the member will receive $2 back in Staples Rewards per cartridge. Ink and/or toner purchases made on the date of recycling are calculated toward minimum purchase requirement. Minimum purchase requirement net of coupons, taxes and shipping charges. We will recycle additional cartridges but rewards will only be issued for 10 per calendar month per Plus customer and 20 per calendar month per Premier customer. Ink Recycling Rewards are issued online monthly, separately from your standard Staples Rewards statement. Ink resellers and remanufacturers are strictly prohibited from earning Ink Recycling Rewards. Staples Rewards membership is FREE. Limit one Staples Rewards account per person or at any mailing address. For full program details, visit
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