Staples Closing 60 Stores Worldwide In Bid To Save $250 Million

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What's the matter?
themoneyman1113 Sep 28, 2012
I was thinking. I have three Staples near me. All within 20 minutes. None of them are ever busy. If all three close, we will no longer have an office supply store within 20 minutes as Office Max and Office depot closed a few years back. Saying that I don't think an office store will be missed either. So many other choices and much better prices.
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bossusa Sep 28, 2012
cant wait for bestbuy to go.. hate that store with their overpriced items
aznballa161 Sep 27, 2012
not surprised. these types of stores get most of their business online on their website anyways, i think it's a good move
bbattag Sep 27, 2012
Staples is overpriced, but they have some good clearance deals and I like to return my cartridges there for the cash back I get
krmills1 Sep 27, 2012
They closed the one here a long time ago, now all we have is office depot.
MrBklynW Sep 27, 2012
hm...i guess its a smart move...the staples near my house is always empty, there's usually the most 5 customers every time i went.
tanush6 Sep 27, 2012
just in time when i was thinking about one
mnvikings11 Sep 27, 2012
Only thing good for B&M stores are the clearance area's, when they have 50-80%.
additc Sep 27, 2012
some of the staples in san diego are in obscure places anyway.
I coudlnt find having a gps.
deal Sep 27, 2012
Yeah online shopping is destroying retail sales. Oh well looks like Staples had a good run. =[
rd995 Sep 27, 2012
60 stores worldwide doesn't seem a lot maybe its a good move to concentrate on the stores that are making sales
Kitten_Techie Sep 27, 2012
Limited product lines. Extremely high prices. I wonder why Staples is having to close stores now?
arsiel Sep 27, 2012
Darn, I guess I'll be looking for some store closing sales. :x I guess OfficeMax's Max Rewards program is too overwhelming
boricua1 Sep 27, 2012
It's a shame that all these different stores are closing down
MdavidK30 Sep 27, 2012
Not even sure if there is one in the Miami area.
Dexterous Sep 27, 2012
Staples should give some freebies :)
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helloamy1977 Sep 27, 2012
staples should have the free online shipping no minimum
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YesBoss Sep 27, 2012
Bad For Loosing Jobs And Hope They Don't Close Near My Place.
chuckydealpl Sep 27, 2012
Not surprising since online retailers like Amazon offer better prices. Over the years, stores like Circuit City and CompuUsa have either gone kaput or shut their brick and mortar business. BestBuy already started scaling back. Pretty soon Office Depot may follow the same fate. Sad.
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gbdelivery Sep 27, 2012
I never had a staples store near me.....but not surprising that they are making this move. I hope it keeps them in business.
branie Sep 27, 2012
So this is worldwide.Learn something new everyday I guess I never new the company was worldwide! Too bad~~ I hope they can reorganize and get it together!!
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hemalaa Sep 27, 2012
Lot of people are now used to do online shopping. May be they don't see a reason for keeping these stores open.
rockinnrolla Sep 27, 2012
That's too bad!
erick99 Sep 26, 2012
That's not too many stores and it simply may be smart planning. I don't think Staples is in any danger of sinking anytime soon.
wdjdac Sep 26, 2012
Staples is one of my favorite stores, this is sort of sad to see.
lilywow Sep 26, 2012
Did Walmart and Target eat up some of their business?
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dvinegrace83 Sep 26, 2012
probably! poor staples. =( that and online shopping i suspect..
MdavidK30 Sep 27, 2012
Walmart and Target aren't really their competitors- more like Office Depot and Office Max. And of course, other online sites. Staples is guided to business' for their revenue. Walmart & Target's main distribution line is clothing, products for the home, and electronics (but not for the business) Different marketing totally.
themoneyman1113 Sep 26, 2012
Not surprising at all. My local stores are so slow. Back to school was even slow and they had a few good buys.