Supertoy Teddy: The Teddy Ruxpin for the Smartphone and Siri Generation - ABC News

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In 1985 a teddy bear stuffed with a cassette player, four AA batteries and a small speaker became all the rage. He was named Teddy Ruxpin and he read kids stories by speaking aloud through his built-in speaker.

Teddy Ruxpin isn't exactly making a comeback -- at least not by brand -- but if you were to imagine what the modern-day bear would look like it would resemble Supertoy Teddy, a new bear made by UK start-up Supertoy Robotics. The two male founders have replaced the cassette player that was once in the popular bear with a smartphone and an advanced app. Now instead of just reading books, the bear can hold a conversation and understand what you are saying. Think Teddy Ruxpin with Siri baked-in or Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" with less profanity and smarts.

"There are many characters and app developers who are trying to push Siri and the Google Now functions further by giving them personalities," co-founder of Supertoy Robotics Karsten Fluegge told ABC News. "For me it was obvious to have a physical talking character instead of one just in a phone."
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