T-Mobile, Wal-Mart Introduce $30 No Contract - Unlimited Data And Text Plan, Arrives October 16th

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vukidam Oct 05, 2011
This is $30 for unlimited Data and Text for people who lazy to read the article.
grabbags Oct 04, 2011
i would rather pay $10 more with $40 for simple mobile no contract. they use t-mobile towers. http://mysimplemobile.com/plans-40-unlimited.aspx
dsett55 Oct 04, 2011
Be careful & do your homework on Walmart's T-mobile plans before you jump. It's not for everybody. I switched from Verizon to Walmart's T-mobile Family Mobile plan. Although the area I frequent was all green on T-mobile's online map, I discovered, after the fact, that there was absolutely no coverage! Adding insult to injury, Walmart's Family Mobile plan customer service was a joke. It was as if I were dealing with someone working out of their garage. I spent lots of time on hold and discovered that they had no authority whatsoever to do anything. You need to dispute your bill because they overcharged you (and they did)? Well, you need to to write a letter to their supervisor & wait a couple weeks! It was the worst experience ever and I finally paid them to go away & return to Verizon. There's a reason I'm paying a premium to Verizon and it's for excellent coverage & customer service.
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CalamityJoe Oct 04, 2011
Only 100 minutes... seems they could have made this a better deal by offering more minutes.
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rambg Oct 04, 2011
If you are having android phone of Tmobile, you can use their VOIP for all calls which uses the data instead of your minutes.. It is a good deal if coverage is good.
Nanabelle86 Oct 04, 2011
how do you activate to even use voip? can you use that w/wifi as well?
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anyoneshop Oct 04, 2011
any website that i can see more information ?
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