The Truth Behind Seen on TV Products for 2012

read this article about the "As seen on tv" product of this year. they tested a bunch and give you the results.
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What's the matter?
MdavidK30 Dec 27, 2012
Thanks for sharing... great to know what really is behind "those great deals".
branie Dec 27, 2012
Thanks for the good read, I will pass it along too, always good to educate others.
dealio23 Dec 27, 2012
Pretty interesting article. Will pass this along--thanks
chuckydealpl Dec 26, 2012
nice read, most of us know about these 'gimmicks' but consumers still fall for these pitches
Janniesue51 Dec 26, 2012
think about it.. tv is the fastest way to sell you something. best to look for the reviews before purchasing anything, but they're hoping you will just "spur of the moment" purchase. Just as I suspected, nothing works as well as they say. Especially the food cooking items - yes, when food is cooked it is "so delicious" which has nothing to do with the cookware.. good article.
FibroMom Dec 26, 2012
Awesome! Our local TV channel tests one out on the air once a week and decides if it is a deal or a dud - most time it is a dud! Can't wait to see what all they tested and what really works! Thanks for the article! :)
Dexterous Dec 26, 2012
I will save this article to read it later, thanks
solowkoe Dec 26, 2012
it is a good read. I actually own some of the bad ones and good ones. Oh well.