News: All eBay Sellers Can List Fixed Price for FREE (3-Days Only)

Valid April 26-28
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What's the matter?
psplove Apr 27, 2012
Wow. That's very good news to me. Thank You
akaricke Apr 27, 2012
I need to get some items on there.
MrBklynW Apr 26, 2012
awesome, good to know, thanks for the heads up!
topsoft Apr 26, 2012
Great, Thank you for sharing!
bbattag Apr 26, 2012
Wish they discounted the final value fees. Thats the real killer for most people.
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garylapointe Apr 26, 2012
Is this a normal end of the month thing? Seems like I see it often.
gangstabarbie Apr 26, 2012
i think ebay lost alot of customers so this is a way to win them back. They need to lower their final value fees!
newjerseychickxo Apr 26, 2012
Great, Thank you for sharing!
yakky Apr 26, 2012
List for free.... the listing fees aren't the bother, its the ridiculous final valuation fees (including taking a cut of shipping!!!) and paypal fees. Anything you sell, figure 20% is gone.
mikhaila Apr 26, 2012
awesome!! thanks!
Dexterous Apr 26, 2012
Good news, its all about ebay...thanks
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shimisi Apr 26, 2012
About time, eBay. Wish they'd be seller-friendly again and make it a permanent thing. (Thanks for the post!)
branie Apr 26, 2012
Great news, which I am passing along to a few of my friends as well. Thanks!!!