Thinking Outside the Lunchbox: Brown-Bagging Without Boredom

Thinking Outside the Lunchbox: Brown-Bagging Without Boredom

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Some of the many tips:

“Baby-cut” carrots go on sale fairly frequently, and are one way of getting beta carotene into the prep-averse. Personally, I prefer to lathe my own carrots. In fact, I’ll do a few days’ worth of carrots, cukes or celery at a time.
Make pudding or gelatin and pour it into repurposed containers. (Healthier version: homemade yogurt.)
Wash apples, grapes or whatever fruit you like and put it on the “lunch” shelf in your fridge. Or make fruit salad and apportion it into containers.
Wash a few days’ worth of greens and add grape tomatoes, mushrooms, radishes or anything else you want.
Keep hard-cooked eggs on hand. Not just for sandwiches: An egg, a little leftover chicken and a few bits of cheese turn a bowl of greens into a chef’s salad.
Fill small bags or containers with chips, snack mix or cookies – much cheaper than those petite prefab pouches.
Not much of a cook, or too pressured to pack some days? Watch for sales on frozen single-serve dinners, which are less expensive than lunch out. I’ve seen some particularly tasty-looking iced entrees at Trader Joe’s.
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May 22, 2012
some really good tips, I can keep a lot of these in my office and always have food thanks

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