This Guy Has My MacBook

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What's the matter?
kingprepster Jun 13, 2011
All you have to do is reinstall the operating system and the program is gone ^__^
lancescape Jun 02, 2011
Gotta love that pic. He looks like a cartoon villain.
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Maxxthearsonist Jun 02, 2011
That's gnarly. Congrats on getting it back.
vannessa0783 Jun 01, 2011
is there a similar app for android?
encorez Jun 01, 2011
Marcelo Jun 01, 2011
Ok, I think this has been posted by the software company that sells this application. You just hope that the thief doesn't know about it or he could just UNINSTALL, right?
uzkhan1 Jun 01, 2011
I bet he's shittin his pants right now!
Vinkoniggma Jun 01, 2011
I'd like a free MacBook too.
yeqing Jun 01, 2011
what thing?
DiscoQueen Jun 01, 2011
You gotta love the power of the internet! You know it is sort of like your first born, you wonder how you ever lived without him or her or
helloamy1977 Jun 01, 2011
Im surprised they dont have gps tracking app so you could easily locate it
tonman23 Jun 01, 2011
this is a funny story,

we had a macbook get stolen from my work and tracked the guy down using similar software. We ended up with photos of his house full of weapons and got him arrested on not only theft but weapons charges, child endangerment etc.
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PLUSME Jun 01, 2011
Does this mean you can turn your laptop into a spy camera?
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nimrodboy3 Jun 01, 2011
yeah..people like this exist and it's really sad to see such a lame society...but yeah. c'est la vie..
ricci4pres Jun 01, 2011
what a creeper! scary to think there are people out there like this... probably a lot of them too
hazeleyes2324 Jun 01, 2011
A very fishy story!
Why is it on this website again?!
cvuong1984 Jun 01, 2011
Note to Self: When stealing a laptop with a webcam... put tape over it
jigsaw918 Jun 01, 2011
that app seemed to really pay off
dripdd Jun 01, 2011
Great job!
Jlovesonic Jun 01, 2011
not necessarily a deal...but im so glad you shared it! And that you got it back. This is awesome.
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kingprepster Jun 01, 2011
that doesnt make sense how the guy is driving with ur macbook open LOL
MrBklynW Jun 01, 2011