Verizon reverses on $2 fee for one-time payments

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What's the matter?
unikki420 Dec 31, 2011
news to me...thanks for the heads up.
bbattag Dec 31, 2011
I saw that one coming
FibroMom Dec 31, 2011
It sure didn't take them long to "Recant" that decision! POWER to the People! The internet makes it increasingly hard for companies to get away with stuff like this without a backlash of comments on facebook and twitter coming their way - BOOM it makes the National News and within hours has to be reversed... I Love it! :)
branie Dec 30, 2011
Hmmmm. My smartphone (from Verizon) :) was not so smart today but I did break the news about this about 5 hours ago just couldn't post the link...
Norbs Dec 30, 2011
Verizon was half way on my shit list, I could care less if they dropped this... rather not do business with someone just waiting to screw you.

Others on my shit list?
Bank of America

They are all crooks...
pdubbb Dec 31, 2011
Agreed. I carry the same list, with the addition of a few others ;)
glwrks Dec 30, 2011
Can you hear me now?...I guess you can:)