Verizon: You can have unlimited data... just no device subsidies

Verizon Wireless now says that existing customers can keep their unlimited data plans. They just won't be able to get a new subsidized smartphone and still keep the unlimited data plan.
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What's the matter?
jasoned May 18, 2012
This stink! I am going to have to pay more to get less. Unfortunately Verizon is the only wireless company that works in the areas I will be. :(
themoneyman1113 May 17, 2012
After my contract ends with Verizon and this ridiculous idea is not reversed, I am leaving. I am tired of the nonsense.
iamasexymonster May 17, 2012
well that's just common sense.... you dont need to write a whole article on that LOL
encorez May 17, 2012
E-bay time......