Walmart Accused Of Gift Receipt Scam For 2nd Year In A Row

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What's the matter?
themoneyman1113 Jan 20, 2013
Not surprised at all. Nothing like ripping us folks off time and time again.
Cworld14 Jan 20, 2013
Of course they know what they are doing, unless you are a sheeple, you know that EVERY big corporation is corrupt. Come on people, just watch them like hawks, its all you can do.
lilywow Jan 20, 2013
Yes, corporate greed!!!!
mnvikings11 Jan 19, 2013
I have to say that's why I shop online & save a lot.
dealwagger Jan 19, 2013
"...slacking off on giving full refunds to customers with gift receipts, at least according to a recent report by CBS Boston"

Hard to track, but then again that does make it easier to get away with. Most people would have no idea how much was originally spent.
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lilywow Jan 19, 2013
It's a real shame. Might have to just give a regular receipt to the recipient next time. Shame on these companies. It is just unacceptable
bbattag Jan 19, 2013
Kohl's and Toys R' Us led to the inclusion of those retailers in the investigation as well.

Wow, 3 major retailers with shady practices
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lilywow Jan 19, 2013
yea it's disgusting, but can't say I'm shocked. It has occurred to me that this was truly possible because of the nature of gifting: the recipient does not know the actual cost.
dealio23 Jan 19, 2013
Nothing surprises me with Walmart. The corporation is so dirty.
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