Walmart and Best Buy to Open at Midnight on Black Friday 2012

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What's the matter?
shopange08 Aug 27, 2012
I love shopping on Black Friday.. Can't wait for the sales!!
newjerseychickxo Aug 27, 2012
Now I'm getting excited. Can't wait til then. Thanks for the heads up.
mnvikings11 Aug 27, 2012
They do this every year, no big surprise or news for that matter.
Dexterous Aug 27, 2012
Damn, another day to spend huge is coming soon, nice update
rd995 Aug 27, 2012
i like when they open on midnight gives you lots of time to shop but dont think this year i will be going on midnight last year i went out around 7am and most stores were crowded but not crazy like years before
ArtemisDeals Aug 27, 2012
This year I think I am going to try to do the Online black Friday shopping. Last year I went to Walmart and what a headache :)
tpark6283 Aug 27, 2012
Oh....I just got super excited!!! It's gonna be here so fast :) THANKS FOR POSTING!
MdavidK30 Aug 27, 2012
Whats the equivalent to the online black friday?
GraceurFace Aug 27, 2012
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MdavidK30 Aug 31, 2012
Thanks! My wifi had been out the last 3 days... sorry for not replying.
krmills1 Aug 27, 2012
I actually like the fact that you can go in at midnight and get what you want and then go home and go to bed and not have to worry about getting up at 4am.
tpark6283 Aug 27, 2012
I am right there with you!!
demarcmj Aug 27, 2012
This sucks... the beauty of the store opening at 5am is that (a) you can eat your dinner in peace and take a nap before heading out to the store, and (b) it weeds out a lot of people who wouldn't be able to wait that long.

If it opens at midnight, that means a shit ton more people will be in line, which means if you want to get a good spot, you have to be there at like 4pm.
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THartz606 Aug 27, 2012
I never go out on black friday come to think of it I do most of my shopping online so I can avoid all the crowds. The only time I really go out is when I need to buy clothes and need to see the size in person to decide if its the right size or not.
poe601 Aug 27, 2012
Great news, thanks for the heads up. No sleeping in tents or lines all night.
FibroMom Aug 27, 2012
My daughter's are DIE HARD Black Friday Shoppers and were at the sales before Midnight Last Year (why not... "I' do all the Thanksgiving Cooking!) ;) I am now the Online Shopper & they call me to tell me what they couldn't get and I have been able to match or beat the price ONLINE almost every time! :)

Thanks for the early News - I will let my kids know... better them than me... I will be warm and cozy in my PJ's shopping online. :)
grandma5 Aug 27, 2012
On your mark, get set, go!
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branie Aug 27, 2012
November 23rd is my Anniversary, 10 years!! I am not sure if I want to spend it shopping or maybe I do?? :) Not sure, one thing I do know I will not be going to Walmart, what a zoo!! :-)
arsiel Aug 27, 2012
Ohh we both know you and themoneyman love deals enough to be spending your anniversary shopping, especially if it's black Friday :)
Very very early congrats!
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branie Aug 27, 2012
Hahaha. I do hope we are doing something a little more special together then shopping for our 10 year anniversary but you never know, lol :)
MrBklynW Aug 27, 2012
wow that is early news! lols Thanks!

Wonder who is going to be missing their Thanksgiving dinner for some crazy deals....hmmm....
rockinnrolla Aug 27, 2012
It won't be me... ;)
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Christine Aug 27, 2012
hahahhhahah i always drive by our walmart/bestbuy/etc after thanksgiving dinner to see the lines!