Walmart to begin direct iPhone 5 sales with no-contract Straight Talk prepaid plans

Starts 1/11
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What's the matter?
helloamy1977 Jan 17, 2013
Time to get rid of the zack morris phone
LindaKNor Jan 17, 2013
I need to check this out. I think I think my husband and I are the only two people we know that still only have basic phones.
DealLeader Jan 17, 2013
I don't know. I have a work mate that has an old-school phone. You aren't alone!
MrBklynW Jan 11, 2013
interesting i would rather go with this. i rarely use my data plan but i'm stuck paying for it every month
Dexterous Jan 10, 2013
this is good idea, i wish att let people get cell phone without data plan as well
tc1uscg Jan 10, 2013
Well, as I predicted, Apple must be running scared to sell their precious iPhone in WalMart. Next thing, Net10 and TRACPhone will be hawking them too. Go figure.
DealLeader Jan 10, 2013
They've been selling iPhones in Walmart. iPads too.
sohcpunk Jan 10, 2013
iPhone 5 takes nano sim and to my knowledge, Straight Talk has not offered a nano sim.
bubdrum Jan 10, 2013
Will you still have to jailbreak these to get MMS to work is the question. Might be better off going to ebay and scoring an iphone 4 for $200 dollars less if thats the case.
DealLeader Jan 10, 2013
Used devices are a great way to go for that.
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mikhaila Jan 10, 2013
hmm pretty interesting i will have to peep this out, i will be looking to buy new phones when we move back to the states
poe601 Jan 10, 2013
Good info, will follow this and see how it works out.
ukaran Jan 10, 2013
Walmart begins direct i Phone 5 sales means we can expect naturally a very good price reduction for the products
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abu5692 Jan 10, 2013
Good to know, thanks
Peppee Jan 10, 2013
Extra-ordinary idea.. nice deal..
YesBoss Jan 10, 2013
In addition to the $45 no contract plan, Straight Talk also has a $60 option that adds unlimited international calling to more than 1,000 areas in Mexico, Canada, India and other countries.
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rd995 Jan 10, 2013
i have straight talk with an iphone 4 and cant beat $45 unlimited talk text and web, i wonder how much the phone will cost
DealLeader Jan 10, 2013
Interestingly there are some rumors coming from Asia that Apple will be coming out with a low cost "economy" iPhone. It would be really interesting if rather than 3rd world being the target for those phones, the real target is Walmart.
ankeneyou Jan 10, 2013
The cost of the iphone is stated in the first sentence in the article:
While the $45 flat rate pricing is enticing, Walmart's handset selection will be limited to the 16GB iPhone 5 and 8GB iPhone 4, which are priced at $649 and $449, respectively.
rd995 Jan 10, 2013
thanks ankeneyou when i posted i was using my phone and the link was taking a long time to load
glwrks Jan 09, 2013
I ran into a friend who works that department @ Walmart. In order to do this you must buy the phone & pay the monthly via Walmart's credit card.
DealLeader Jan 10, 2013
That 's interesting. Thanks for the info. Is that a Walmart branded Visa card? Or their store card?
glwrks Jan 10, 2013
Didn't get into details...I had ice cream in my cart! The Walmart credit card details are on their site...looks like they have their own - extends to Sams Club, and a Walmart Discover® to be used where accepted.
tanush6 Jan 09, 2013
isnt that great..this looks very promising.
DealLeader Jan 09, 2013
I agree. There needs to be more price competition among cell phone carriers. This helps get that to reality.
krmills1 Jan 08, 2013
My wife has an iphone with straighttalk now and she loves it, this is the best deal for an everything plan and iphone.
DealLeader Jan 08, 2013
Very interesting. Even a company the size of Apple would need a big merchant to disrupt the cell phone industry.