Walmart | iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, and 4th Gen iPad for $399

In-Stores Only

Walmart announced a price rollback for these popular Apple products

The iPhones require a new line activation or eligible upgrade with a 2-year contract.
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What's the matter?
ragingwookiee Dec 15, 2012
Update 2: Walmart’s PR agency made multiple corrections to its original announcement today. While the first press release said the third-generation iPad would go on sale for $399 on Dec. 17, a later correction indicated the deal actually started today for the fourth-generation iPad. Now, this evening, Walmart’s PR agency has made another correction: today’s $399 sale is for the third-generation iPad. The rollback prices for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S remain correct.
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yayanaji01 Dec 15, 2012
so you mean $399 is for iPad 3 ?not iPad 4? right?
vimalr Dec 15, 2012
Iphone 5 for $127 is a very good deal.
FibroMom Dec 15, 2012
Great find! My heart sank when I saw the iPad pricing - since I just ordered one from target - but since they are saying it for the 3 and not the 4, I feel a little better. ;)
DealLeader Dec 15, 2012
Really nice discounts on all of these devices. iPhone 5 is like a piece of fine jewelry.
MrBklynW Dec 15, 2012
Nice discount on iphones, still one of the best phones on the market
Dexterous Dec 14, 2012
This is huge sale from walmart
kffight3r Dec 14, 2012
CORRECTION: iPad 3 not iPad 4.
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arsiel Dec 14, 2012
iPad 3 = big screen? iPad 4 = mini? 4th generation = mini?! I'm so confused
jgolden1016 Dec 14, 2012
4th gen is a "big" iPad with a faster processor, mini is just a 1st gen mini. The 3 is the previous gen "big" iPad
chuckydealpl Dec 14, 2012
you just have to wonder if other retailers may follow suit and lower their prices to compete
branie Dec 14, 2012
Great news, nice to see the prices decline some. I am eligible for an upgrade in January..Hubby as well. I am not sure what to do,keep my iphone 4 which is in working order or upgrade. hmmm..
tanush6 Dec 14, 2012
i got my 4s recently for 99....should have seen the deal earlier...somehow missed it
tanush6 Dec 14, 2012
any information regarding apple deserves a front page
kffight3r Dec 14, 2012
how do you get the Retina iPads for $399??
ragingwookiee Dec 14, 2012
It's in-store only starting today. Other articles for reference:;_ylt=ArOujuYJG9EjNZ5JFTiS9QibvZx4?p=walmart+iphone&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701
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kffight3r Dec 14, 2012
holy crap! starting on Monday, they ll also throw in a giftcard. This is practically stealing. I am buying 3, or however many they let me buy
additc Dec 14, 2012
i just got it on sprint for $199 :/
additc Dec 14, 2012