Woman dies after downing 2 gallons of Coca-Cola daily

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What's the matter?
Acidbaby Feb 13, 2013
2 gallons of water a day can kill you. Not sure how this is even news.
Dexterous Feb 13, 2013
Acidbaby Feb 13, 2013
Yes you can get water intoxication.
xptrish Feb 13, 2013
How sad,only 31 years old!
newguy Feb 12, 2013
Diet soda is not good for you as well.
bbattag Feb 12, 2013
And the people around her ACTUALLY let her continue to do that?
LokaFreeThings2 Feb 12, 2013
Wow! It's important more people know the dangers of too much soda. I had no idea it could be this bad!
xrjohn Feb 12, 2013
We live near Atlanta where Coke was founded. Kids out here drink it like water. We bring our own water to drink when we go to school functions because the parents always bring Coke.
omegafemale Feb 12, 2013
true, even too much diet pop is now found to be bad cuz the aspartame affects insulin levels much like sucrose does. (sigh) i miss the old additive saccharin. ;)
YesBoss Feb 12, 2013
Not only coke, any soda is not good for health.