Xbox Live - Download VUDU App & Get a Free $4.99 Credit

What's the matter?

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vudulies (L1)
Jan 02, 2012
they lied about the 4.99 credit they said before i signed up,it would give me a $4.99 credit for signing up without a debit or credit card. i went to watch a movie and it said add credit card to it, no 4.99 credit. so i deleted vudu and im never gonna fall for that again when they did it to me b4 on the ps3. so you will never see me sign up with them. redbox is much cheaper so y bother wasting $5 on a movie when u can rent a movie for $1.
jdswirsky (L5)
Dec 20, 2011
Thanks for the post. Watching Mission Impossible right now! They have a lot of good movies. The HD versions are going to take up too much bandwidth for a lot of people though.

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