8 Weird Ways to Make Extra Money

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What's the matter?
ucrual Mar 04, 2012
yeah, maybe I will donate blood or plasma. Or even a kidney
austin38 Mar 04, 2012
Haha cool article! Always looking for ways to make money :)
blackfoot Mar 04, 2012
Interesting article. Strange what some people will do for extra cash
tpark6283 Mar 04, 2012
I'm always up for making more money!! Thanks for sharing...some are interesting and some are realistic!! Thanks!
arsiel Mar 04, 2012
Never thought about donating blood for money. I just do it regularly. I get points through the NYBC or gift cards sometimes :p
Dexterous Mar 04, 2012
some tips. thanks
dealwagger Mar 04, 2012
I researched Mechanical Turk and tried it out--tasks can earn you a whopping $.01-$1.00 from what I saw and are very time consuming. Clinical trials sound more promising, I almost wish there was something wrong with me, lol!
jasoned Mar 05, 2012
I am with you. Mechanical Turk takes forever to earn any money. I haven't even earned a dollar yet.
heyimdennise Mar 04, 2012
Very interesting.. Thanks!
catchersmom Mar 04, 2012
I would love to do Clinic trails, I am always up for making money
branie Mar 04, 2012
Good article! My friend does clinical trials all the time and she gets paid pretty well. My other friend is crafty so she has been selling her jewelry for awhile now. They both make a few extra dollars and spend it on there kids :)
kimeeb Mar 04, 2012
Why isn't posting deals on DP on there? L.O.L.
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FibroMom Mar 04, 2012
Very Interesting Article! I Don't think I will try the writing messages on my lips or selling bodily fluids... but some of the other ideas sound pretty darn good! Thank you for sharing this! :)