Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Xbox 360

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jutgreen Mar 10, 2007
IGN Review - Rating: 9/10 Outstanding
Closing Comments
The preview builds for Double Agent were tough to get a good read on because so many little things hadn't gelled yet. But the final retail versions, which we played, show its full promise. The game came together. The layers of animation boast an excellent looking and moving Sam Fisher. Ubisoft uses an array of color schemes and shows them off in all sorts of beautiful-looking levels. The Shanghai team perhaps uses too much high-dynamic range and bloom lighting, but the game still offers stunning visuals as exemplified in the icy underwater passages of Okhotsk, the scenic views of Shanghai, and the war-torn streets of Kinshasa.

GameSpot Review - Rating: 8.5/10 Great
The Good: Features an overhauled version of Splinter Cell's innovative multiplayer mode; the campaign's trust system presents a few interesting moral dilemmas; tried-and-true stealth action gameplay still offers complexity and variety; high amount of replay value overall.
The Bad: Campaign recycles a lot of the same graphics, sound, and gameplay from before; some frame rate problems bog down the visuals.