Stainless Steel Multi-Function Knife

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What's the matter?
Alfonzo227 Jun 05, 2007
what about a company name? i don't have one...
smallzfsu Jun 04, 2007
Thank you, your request has been submitted.

Your customer care representative will review your request prior to shipment and may contact you with any questions. In order to keep our costs low, certain items may need to be returned to us after you have finished reviewing them. In these cases, we will contact you with further information - of course we pay freight both ways.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements, call us at
1-877-446-7746 and we'll be happy to help.
me_tutu1 Jun 03, 2007
nice find
mergedwarrior Jun 03, 2007
I really hope they don't ask for something back. lol.
DrkBluePGT Jun 03, 2007
hahah yeah thats always a risk, but i got a $20 dollar bag from them, and I got to keep it, so hopefully youll keep your item(s)
llamalord Jun 03, 2007
the site isn't loading for me -_-
DrkBluePGT Jun 03, 2007
the site is down, they must be doing maintanence just favorite place that and check back later
ajthepoolman Jun 03, 2007
this will be great for the tackle box

mimo001 Jun 03, 2007
I requested one hope i get it...
ocegueda106 Jun 03, 2007
do u have to pay or shopping or anything?
ocegueda106 Jun 03, 2007
i mean shipping not shopping
DrkBluePGT Jun 03, 2007
I don't think so, I didn't for the samples I requested
ocegueda106 Jun 03, 2007
ok thanks ill give it a try
wackyd33 Jun 03, 2007
You can request one of a bunch of different items. I personally asked for a backpack. I hope this comes through, Thanks!
DrkBluePGT Jun 03, 2007
It will come, I've gotten something free from them before.
nimrodboy3 Jun 03, 2007
Are you allowed to only get one free item after signing up? Or is it possible to get multiple free items?
DrkBluePGT Jun 03, 2007
I believe you can get up to 6; however don't get 6 in a row, you can probably get 6 samples total over the span of a month or two. But 6 is the limit
nimrodboy3 Jun 03, 2007
Awesome. Thanks a lot. Great deal =)