This deal is expired!
The deal below has expired, but no worries. You can still check out available coupons and "follow" the store to receive alerts for future offers.

$15 (iTunes, AMC, Staples, etc.) Gift Cards for $0.79

  • Click Here or "See it"
  • Choose a $15 gift card of your choice
  • Add Filler (Paper clips) $0.79 to Cart
  • Use coupon code "25172"
  • Choose pick up in-store for free shipping
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What's the matter?
kingprepster Dec 30, 2011
My order was shipped to the warehouse!!! The Giftcards!
sharpshot94549 Dec 29, 2011
they canceled both of my orders, oh well, they don't honor their deals, morons
carriesaves Dec 29, 2011
My orders are listed as cancelled. Oh, well. If it sounds too good to be true...
ivotedale Dec 29, 2011
Yeah, they cancelled all three of my orders- we'll see if they actually charge me though when my pending charges complete on my account activity.
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kingprepster Jan 06, 2012
numbsinner Dec 29, 2011
Mine was listed as cancelled on their site this morning.
addibeansmom Dec 29, 2011
This deal did not work for me and i was charged full price!! Not happy! i called customer service and they said it was a scam!! They (staples) were very rude!!
blackfoot Dec 28, 2011
Awesome deal if staples honors it. Cant beat the price!
sharpshot94549 Dec 28, 2011
placed two orders right now, but the $0.79 paperclips are out, lol, had to do the $0.99 paperclips
ivotedale Dec 28, 2011
I did just check my Amex pending transactions as well; although I only placed one order with that card, it is showing (2) pending transactions from Staples, (1) being $1.79 (the total invoice was 0.79), and another $1.00 (typical of an item that will eventually be charged more).

So I'm wondering if they are actually charging the full amount of the gift cards ordered...
numbsinner Dec 28, 2011
yeah I was wondering if they would do that since I found in their faqs that they can charge full price and not honor coupons if they want.
Mayleessa Dec 28, 2011
Did not work. Invalid coupon code.
MHT962 Dec 28, 2011
Ok, there is no store by me... so I have to do delivery. They are charging me $9.95 for a delivery of a gift card before I apply the coupon. Really? Gift Cards Cost that much to deliver?
andre80 Dec 28, 2011
Code not valid. :-(
ivotedale Dec 28, 2011
I do find it a bit unorthodox of the coupons to work all the way up to the order processing stage, when they state "coupons cannot work on gift cards..."
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kingprepster Dec 28, 2011
jennhris821 Dec 28, 2011
It worked for me. We'll see if it is actually processed. Wouldn't work more than once. Kept saying that coupon was already used, even tried it in a different browser.
Davewithak Dec 28, 2011
I just tried, it says coupon has expired.
Davewithak Dec 28, 2011
invalid coupon*
rmg0321 Dec 28, 2011
I bought one, but then tried on another computer and it said the coupon has expired.
rmg0321 Dec 28, 2011
I just checked my checking account and they charged me .79
numbsinner Dec 28, 2011
Just seen this in their faqs. I hope they would just cancel the order before doing this if the whole not allowed on gift card purchases is true.
"We reserve the right to charge credit cards for the amount of the coupon."
numbsinner Dec 28, 2011
I also placed an order with just some Starbucks Kcups and paperclips just to see what happens.
marierose Dec 28, 2011
they ran out of the paper clips so i missed out :/
egate2 Dec 28, 2011
Let me do it twice.
kensleydusen Dec 28, 2011
status says: researching

they will cancel these orders...
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ivotedale Dec 28, 2011
At this point 10:00pm MST I cannot check the status of the order due to page error, though it mentioned nothing of "Researching."

It did show a highlighted message of "Pending" or similar however.
Tinimorales Dec 28, 2011
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cdemane Dec 28, 2011
also, to avoid this message, empty cache/reset browser after each order placed. I just placed separate orders for each gc, then reset browser/emptied cache, and it worked fine each time
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kojaky Dec 28, 2011
You need $15.01 for the code to work. I didn't see anything about $.79.
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marierose Dec 28, 2011
maybe4 i will retry and buy a pen ?
rorwizard Dec 28, 2011
• Your order is subject to review and the expected delivery date(s) noted above are pending credit or check approval.
arCyn1c Dec 28, 2011
hellojamie Dec 28, 2011
Coupon FAQ says specifically no coupons work for gift cards... I would imagine these orders will be cancelled in processing. :(
catchersmom Dec 28, 2011
awesome deal I snatch one would not let me do two
psplove Dec 28, 2011
I wish they don't cancel my order. Thanks!
Navi12 Dec 28, 2011
This is a great deal! Just completed my order.
belarus94 Dec 28, 2011
BTW here is $10 off $10.01 coupon from Staples:
victory1 Dec 28, 2011
Thanks! Used this one too!
belarus94 Dec 28, 2011
This is hack of a deal. I got one. Then got another one with $10 off coupon. Thanks for sharing
iownahonda Dec 28, 2011
Worked for me. When I tried it the second time, it said that the coupon code had already been used. Sweet deal!
victory1 Dec 28, 2011
Try closing out your browser, then reopen and go to If that doesn't work, try deleting your cookies then order again. If your using Internet Explorer, chances are your IP is being recognized thru the cookies. Hope this helps and you can 'score' a couple more cards!
branie Dec 28, 2011
I should have thought this out better before I submitted my order, I am pretty sure you can't buy gift cards of any kind here in Mass with coupons/discounts. Let's see what happens!!
kimeeb Dec 28, 2011
This may be the best deal i have ever seen on DP..Nice!!! Thank you!!!
victory1 Dec 28, 2011
Yippee! Worked for me and my husband too! I actually needed paper clips :)
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victory1 Dec 28, 2011
Told my son and he ordered as well. Now he understands why I check out as often as I can!
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bigmikeom56 Dec 28, 2011
Awesome works great
wannabecool Dec 28, 2011
That is the bomb... man I hope this one works!
rd995 Dec 28, 2011
that coupon wont last long you better use it while it last to good
bonniepearl Dec 28, 2011
Worked for me. Great deal. Thanks!
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kingprepster Dec 28, 2011
ME TOO ^_^
branie Dec 28, 2011
I did an order as well!! Great deal!!! :)
psplove Dec 28, 2011
Did you received any email yet?
kingprepster Dec 28, 2011

Did you try it already???
zoelee Dec 28, 2011
I have four orders, that's the number of the credit card I have. I've tried 2 orders with one card, but it can't go through. :)
kingprepster Dec 28, 2011
I did 3 orders with 1 card and it went thru LOL :P