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mdsagher (L5)
Jun 20, 2007
Slight price change: $27.99
youmakememad (L5)
May 01, 2007
small price drop: $27.82
jutgreen (L5)
Apr 04, 2007
GameSpot Review - Rating: 8.4/10 Great
The Good: A great update of a classic game.; just enough has been changed to make old players have to think to proceed.; minigames are fun and highly addictive..
The Bad: Control isn't as tight as the original.; sound occasionally a little tinny..

IGN Review - Rating: 8.9/10 Great
Closing Comments
Super Mario 64 DS is, without a doubt, the most "complete" of the dozen launch titles in the Nintendo DS line-up. Not only is the game a great port of a fantastic game design, the development team push the system capabilities enough to show the benefits of the system. But at the same time, the choice of porting over an analog-heavy game design such as Super Mario 64 also points out its glaring omission. The fix, a touch-screen Analog Stick emulator, is a good idea that's entirely functional...if just a little flawed due to the lack of physical restraints.

The Nintendo DS version does everything it sets out to do: demonstrate nearly every one of the new system's capabilities. Super Mario 64 DS shows off that the system's significantly more powerful than the Nintendo 64 in both graphics and audio, at least as a first-generation title. It also pushes the system's touch screen functions, though many of these additions feel like supplements than they are important, integral elements to the game design. But they certainly are welcome, and definitely increase the value of an already great title.

At the very least, you can depend on at least one game in the system's launch line-up to bring hours, days, and weeks of great fun on the new hardware, even if it may not exactly be the system seller people are expecting out of the Nintendo DS' launch window. While I would have loved to experience a brand new Super Mario game that incorporated and integrated the system's capabilities, it's at least great to experience a well-produced and expanded version of a tried-and-true formula.

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