TATUNG TAC-10G(A) White Steamer Rice Cooker - Retail

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Mar 11, 2009
Tatung makes the best steam rice cooker. Every chinese people know it. The Tatung steam ricer cooker last "forever." Rare do anyone need to replace it. The downside is that the older model's inner "pot" is not stainless steel but aluminium. This TAC-10G(A)'s inner "pot" is stainless steel but the steaming tray is aluminium. If you want don't mind that then you should get TAC-6G(F)--also at Newegg.com. Newegg has other Tatung steam ricer cooker models. If you want one with stainless steel inner pot and steaming tray than look for the model with "S" after "G" for examples... both TAC-10G(SA)and TAC-10G(ST)have stainless inner pot and steaming tray.
Mar 11, 2009
yeah...is this still worth it after factoring in shipping???
Mar 10, 2009
this is nice, but shipping is hella expensive

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