The Adventures of Indiana Jones - Complete DVD Movie Collection

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Karnage Mar 16, 2007
yodabutt Mar 16, 2007
Wish i had waited to get this deal, one of my favorites.
Eve15 Mar 15, 2007
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mira_mirans Mar 15, 2007
Most definitely on the must see before I die movie list.
amgman Mar 15, 2007
I heard that a newer extended blu ray version is going to be released in the fall, might be worth waiting.
Calsonic Mar 15, 2007
I'm a huge fan of these movies. I'm in for this deal.
jonesstephanie Mar 15, 2007
I HEART Indiana Jones. I cant wait for the new one
mira_mirans Mar 15, 2007
There's going to be a new one?
hoboto Mar 15, 2007
Yep, produced by Lucas and directed by Spielberg. Thank god too, I'm going to be honest, I think Lucas isn't that great of a director. He didn't direct Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and they were amazing. :)
gdog05 Mar 15, 2007
I completely agree. He has vision, but not precise enough or implemented well. You need someone like Spielberg to take the cool vision, and make it watchable.
Eve15 Mar 14, 2007
One of my favorite comedy/adventure classics. I wonder when the new one will come out.
hoboto Mar 14, 2007
Should come out next year. :)
gdog05 Mar 15, 2007
Don't forget, Lucas and Speilberg are going to re-master these and replace all guns with walkie-talkies, and all Nazis with Ewoks. :)

I hope some get the South Park reference there.