The New DealsPlus + Mousepad for Logged-In Users

The New DealsPlus + Mousepad for Logged-In Users
    We are about to launch our next version of DealsPlus. It's going to be a new design, easier usability and friendlier user interaction with better and improved functions!

    We are pretty happy with how it's turning out, but your feedback and suggestions will be most valuable to us. For logged-in users, please go to for an evaluation of the site.
    (**Your feedback/bug report can be edited at any time after you click "Save" and we will review it when the contest ends.)

    The top 50 feedback submissions will win a FREE DealsPlus mousepad!

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What's the matter?
xcaliberse Mar 13, 2009
When does this contest end?
mathewsmt Mar 11, 2009
cool new interface...
coupcoup Mar 11, 2009
New one is much easier to submit deals. Great job.
Mar 10, 2009
Scrolling on the new site is choppy compared to the current site... its' not my computer, i've got a q6600, 3gb ram, an 8800gt, and 10meg internet.
utch Mar 11, 2009
When logged into new site via Internet Explorer it does seem choppy no issues with firefox though.
betawaffles Mar 10, 2009
Though it's on the footer of the page, a Privacy Policy link where we enter our information for the mousepad would be nice to reassure us DealsPlus won't be collecting that info for use other than the shipping.
Texas_Aggie Mar 10, 2009
Awww... I like the website as it is? I hope the new one is just as cool.
gonnagettaviper Mar 10, 2009
Posting "feedback" here is useless. It does not get you a free mousepad. If you read the details at the top, it tells you where to post
mathewsmt Mar 10, 2009
nice one
utch Mar 10, 2009
I like it a lot. I am really enjoying the coupon revamp it just seems easier to read and you have the coupon codes larger and bolder which rocks. I did notice on the main screen the images could overlap the boxes around the images an example is - (it is currently on page 2). It may be because the "R" (new rebate label which is also awesome)
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calvinl Mar 10, 2009
Actually the R is "repost" -- there is a legend at
Vin_Diesel Mar 10, 2009

Post yr feedback here: to win a mousepad.
themoneyman1113 Mar 10, 2009
I must say the new design is a refreshing change. I like the nice clean lines along with the larger buttons. The new look seems to be more organized and thought out. I did however not find the freebies section on the home page like before when it was on the right. Maybe I missed it. The subcategories located under the main category is a great feature, now if we want to look for electronics or computers we don't have to look at everything else. I find it quicker to access the subcategories than before great job. With this new look when DealsPlus comes out of beta they WILL be a force to be reckoned with. Yet again another great job from the webs best deal site.
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mattaspira Mar 10, 2009
Starting to like this place more than other known deal sites, the new site makes it look a lot more graphically user friendly without changing too much of the main concept.
SMoRZ3 Mar 10, 2009
It looks pretty, I like it!
kirru Mar 10, 2009
wow i think it is a doctor for deals........
hahaha haaaaaaaaa
tylock Mar 10, 2009
Don't get rid of the coupons & free stuff, this is the best site to get that kind of stuff. Thanks
Nirav Mar 10, 2009
cool tooo
jpartin Mar 10, 2009
Pnmerk Mar 10, 2009
great look i must say i do prefer the larger pluss buttons on the old site i do like the look of the new one though the whole site is verry easy on the eyes and easy to navigate the separation of categories is well thought of. overall exelent job keep it up.
I also was thinking how about a savings meter say users can keep track of their savings and deals plus can show off with a global savings meter (we have saved our users or theres 100K in savings today )you get the drift,and maybe even have contest based on that like: the user that submits the most amoount in savings per month,day or even hour i dont know its just an idea to mess with
VickieLynn26 Mar 10, 2009
This site is great. Thanks for all the great deals.
Andy920 Mar 10, 2009
Looks great love this site
Bjki1028 Mar 09, 2009
I personally like how the site is right now. This update looks like it's trying to be too much like all other deal sites. is unique as it is. I hope everytime you go to the site it will atleast bring you straight to the deals.
mimo001 Mar 09, 2009
i looks awesome.
Great Design..
Keep Up The good Work..
rattledHormones Mar 09, 2009
Looks great. Recommendation: On the user profile page, add in "deals frontpaged" while you can still find this information buy looking, this quick glimpse at a user will not only show that they submit alot, but also that there deals are good!
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flapjackman176 Mar 09, 2009
i like it, real sleek.
dzung Mar 09, 2009
I'm in
dealguru Mar 09, 2009
i'm in
yellowth Mar 09, 2009
it's about time for the change !!
meeki Mar 09, 2009

I like DealsPlus Episode 1!
happeejackee Mar 09, 2009
Clean cut, love it! I really like the ease of the selections for finding the type of product you are looking for.
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Acidbaby Mar 09, 2009
Like I have said a hundred times. Without the ability giving minus ratings dealsplus will always lag behind SD and fatwallet. There is just far too many terrible deals posted here and we need a way for users to moderate that by giving minus ratings.
Lightbulb42 Mar 09, 2009
I've gotta agree with Acidbaby. Way too many "deals" aren't really deals. And way too much just plain crap posted.
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orangesodazz Mar 09, 2009
wow everything looks so much clearer and easier to use
jcgasz Mar 09, 2009
i love telling people about this site, it rocks, I have saved a ton and this is the only place for Christmas shopping
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hinncoke Mar 09, 2009
i hope im 49
opuseb Mar 09, 2009
I am not so sure I like the boxed element of the new site. I feel it detracts from the actual items. I really enjoy the open picture layout of the original site much more.
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vectra5 Mar 09, 2009
I submitted my feedback via sazze
mathewsmt Mar 09, 2009
cool man..........

really sexy logo.....
FerrisYJ Mar 10, 2009
I'm just a stickler for details, but shouldn't there be a dot in the logo? :P
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tehk1w1 Mar 09, 2009
I love the new lay out. Not only is a lot more green, but the animations are nice and smooth, it's well organized, and it looks loads more professional and its aesthetically pleasing.

My favorite part has to be the categories. Now, with a click of a button, I have access to the latest deals in the important stuff (which for me is gaming)

Very good work! Love it!
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sheep_lover Mar 09, 2009
LOVE IT, Happy St, Pattys day!!!
cjwu Mar 09, 2009
Hi, Sounds good to loyal dealsplusers!
pandarisuresh Mar 09, 2009
good stuff...enjoy
wangjoy Mar 09, 2009
Good design
theconnollykid Mar 09, 2009
well i think visually it's awesome. the drop down menus lagged a little for me, so much so that i clicked on a header expecting to show the dropdown because i didnt think rollover was triggering anything... i noticed Lists werent in the search dropdown...
golfgod04 Mar 09, 2009
Excellent new logo!
tamqoppa Mar 09, 2009
the new site looks so nice. Nice update, DealsPlus!
tamqoppa Mar 09, 2009
what do they mean by feedback submission?
hamstergirl Mar 09, 2009
Your feedback of the new design. Write something here.
and if its rated within the top 50 good suggestions, you'll get a mousepad. So spam won't work. ;)
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hitaiwan666 Mar 09, 2009
top 50 !!!
tasadutta Mar 09, 2009
like changes all the time
tonman23 Mar 09, 2009
Mar 09, 2009
Nicely displayed.
surbhi0206 Mar 09, 2009
looks more organized...even loaded up quickly. The colors are bit more brighter....good for spring :)
nimrodboy3 Mar 09, 2009
good stuff.