Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - Xbox 360

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jutgreen Mar 10, 2007
IGN Review - Rating: 8.3/10 Impressive
Closing Comments
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the best game the series has seen since Pro Skater 4. Its return to the purer aspects of skating is quite welcome, and the game feels much more focused as a result.

GameSpot Review - Rating: 6.6/10 Fair
The Good: Compelling story mode; interesting bmx trick system; game contains a healthy dose of crunk juice; 360 controller's four shoulder buttons are perfect for playing this style of game.
The Bad: Character models and textures look pretty bad in HD resolutions; classic mode contains old levels that aren't exactly classic; graphical glitches further mar the game's visuals; story mode holds your hand every step of the way; costs $10 more than other versions for no good reason.