Best TV Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016

Best TV Deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016
Check out the best Black Friday Weekend & Cyber Week TV Deals of 2016! We've hand-picked and listed TVs that are hugely discounted on Black Friday (going on to Black Friday Weekend) and Cyber Monday, so you can get the best deals without leaving the comfort of home. Read on below to see the deals, and see more deals we didn't list here: All TV Deals

HOT Black Friday TV Deals:

Best Black Friday Weekend & Cyber Monday TV Deals:

32" - 39" TVs:

40" - 49" TVs:

50" - 59" TVs:

60" and Up TVs:


More Cyber Week TV Sales:

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The Best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016:
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themoneyman1113 Nov 29, 2015
I have a friend who watches a good amount of tv, but still has a 30" tube tv. Bummer to watch the game on is my first thought and that is why he is always at my house watching the football games, If he does not upgrade soon with all these great deals I may have to re-think our friendship, jk. lol
MColeto Nov 29, 2015
Updated with new deals!
PinkPiggy Nov 27, 2015
mind = blown. this is awesome. thanks dealsplus!
tr1plication Nov 26, 2015
New deals for 2015!
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monster1991 Nov 27, 2014
@bobmullay looks like its sold out!
exclusive24 Nov 10, 2015
Cyber Monday TV Deals 2015
bobmullay Nov 27, 2014
50" Toshiba for $199.99?
MColeto Nov 21, 2014
Updated with new deals available right now! 11/21
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cyee1991 Dec 02, 2013
Acarone Nov 30, 2013
srborges Nov 29, 2013
DealiciousPie Nov 28, 2013
Updated again!
srborges Nov 28, 2013
Amberabcg Nov 22, 2013
I'm more excited about the 'open box' discounts the first week of December!!
Acarone Nov 21, 2013
updated with some pre-black friday tv deals!
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debron152 Nov 27, 2012
Got a great deal for anyone looking for a 60" Sharp Aquo's,wi-fi,led,1080p,240HZ,HDTV.1229.00. gO TO is live until 11/28 11:59am est
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chuckydealpl Nov 25, 2012
great roundup, thanks. so many choices to check out, my head starting to spin
naturaldeal Nov 25, 2012
Wow great list with updated sales
shimisi Nov 25, 2012
Thanks for this list-- big help for us. Time to make a decision...!
swtndshort Nov 23, 2012
Heads up, Sears is selling he same sharp60" tv for 688
mnvikings11 Nov 22, 2012
I want the 60" for $800 & I will get 1.
MrBklynW Nov 22, 2012
oh god i love this time of the year. so many tv's on sale! i am in heaven=)
arielove Nov 22, 2012
The first deal ($147 tv from Target) is an in-store only deal.
blackfoot Nov 22, 2012
Nice round up of electronics deals for BF and Cyber Monday.
grubbs0 Nov 21, 2012
These prices are higher than the same chart posted last week.
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poe601 Nov 20, 2012
Some really tempting deals, thanks for the round up!
arsiel Nov 20, 2012
Thanks for the roundups, mods! Makes shopping online this weekend easier :)
rd995 Nov 19, 2012
i like the way its organized now in the front page good job guys