Two 100 Slim Jims

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What's the matter?
youmakememad Mar 31, 2007
these are delicious!
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Mikeless Mar 01, 2007
MMM I love these thing they are so good I got some from across the street cause Idont have a credit card lool
lbjfan23 Feb 28, 2007
mmmmmmmmmm...slim jim
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ic3box Mar 01, 2007
you said it.
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wwong131 Feb 28, 2007
Wow great deal. i love slim jim but if if i get this ill probably have a heart attack before i finish the whole thing!
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chickeneater4 Feb 28, 2007
that's a good deal. great food too.
sweetleaf13 Feb 28, 2007
yep bought 2 too.....thanks for the heads up on this :).....the only bad thing is it won't ship till april.
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Breex243 Feb 28, 2007
nice!-bought 2*100

Gonna sell them to my roommate/floor at 2/$1-$80 profit
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eeklipz Feb 28, 2007
wow..thats tempting
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bacontape Feb 27, 2007
Alive again. Amazon has 100-packs of Slim Jims on sale for $15.25 each. Add two to your cart, then use coupon code 7GROCERY to get $10 off, bringing you down to $20.50.

Snap into 200 Slim Jims XD
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nebulous Jul 28, 2006
Seriously. You could die from that or something. That's just a little too much snappin! for me.
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jgsteeler Jul 21, 2006
Snap In To IT!!!!!. 400 SLim Jims that is intense!!!!
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