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Update: Bag of Crap

Update: Bag of Crap
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What's the matter?
civic07 Aug 15, 2007
YAH i got my bag of crap last week its a keychain and a pen thanks a lot Deals Plus. Loving the pen + keychain
beachbum1233 Aug 09, 2007
I STILL haven't gotten mine (that I paid $5 for) or heard anything from anyone...what's the deal??
ellis Aug 09, 2007
Please email us your order # or paypal ID.
Tydal74 Aug 06, 2007
Has anyone not received their B.O.C yet? For the people that did receive it, was there a tracking # provided by I'm still waiting for mines =(
Deals_Wiz Aug 15, 2007
not all came from
idbar Aug 01, 2007
Quote: "We’re just so nice that after giving you the crap that we have, we want to give you these attitudes to have.

* Do not ask and do not look what other people are getting.
* Take your Bag of Crap, keep it, and use it. Be happy and merry with it. We don’t want it anymore; it’s a Bag of Crap!"

So, yeah, I broke the rule of looking what other people got, but I'm happy with my BOC! It was fun waiting for it to arrive and I'm so keeping it! :) Thanks DealsPlus!
erichoangnguyen Aug 01, 2007
I also got the pen and key chain. I was hoping for a laser mouse or keyboard. I know it's not worth the $5. But that's cool. At least you guys sent me something :) Anyway, happy birthday to DealsPlus !!! you guys are awesome!!!
ujaas Jul 31, 2007
Un-Boxing my BOC

link to Crap
mimo001 Aug 01, 2007
Congrats that's some nice crap...
vectra5 Aug 01, 2007
nice indeed
MikeUMD Aug 01, 2007
what song is in the background.
gdog05 Aug 01, 2007
I got this as well, and I really like it. The portable speakers are great for some tunes while I'm grilling. Thanks DP! I'd like to say, that while there may be some dissenters, it seems to me that the majority of the community really appreciate what you do, and we all hope you keep it up for more birthdays.
ujaas Aug 01, 2007
The song is called:
Kanye West - Stronger Co-Written by Daft Punk
ujaas Aug 01, 2007
Yea this is some very nice crap. I am very happy with my crap.

Thanks again.. DP
acs12798 Jul 31, 2007
Alright, so my stuff came UPS

Im pretty happy for 5 bucks considering I needed some speakers.

Kudzu Jul 31, 2007
just gave the keychain to a cute lady at work
the hug she gave me was worth at least $20 :O)
mimo001 Jul 31, 2007
Thanks DealPlus My Son love the stuffed animal key chain,
Vin_Diesel Jul 31, 2007
Thank mimo001. You are the first one who liked the key chain. If people know hello kitty, they know that it's expensive one. It's usually $6-$7. But, well, we made a mistake that we sent it to wrong people. :)
xichigox Jul 31, 2007
BTW vin, I liked the keychain. My gf and other girls love this kinda stuff, so it's a nice backup or something random to give away. =)
acs12798 Jul 31, 2007
Does anyone know which method used to ship most of there stuff. Mail has already come today yet still not BOC. If it ups it might be here this afternoon.
hobomatt Jul 31, 2007
i got a 2gb flash drive and it came USPS. It said it was sent the 24th and i got it yesterday(live in NY)
xichigox Jul 30, 2007
To everyone that complained about getting "crappy" stuff from their BOC:

Suck it up. At least this wasn't chickchock crap or else you'd be paying $12 for the same thing. You entered KNOWING that some people would get the exact same crappy stuff and also KNOWING that you might get something good. Don't lie and whine because you weren't the lucky ones. I got my bearchain and pen and I'm satisfied. If you've ever bought BOC other than woot you would understand more of how it works.

Woot can afford to offer better BOC's because they have a much wider purchasing user base. They send out tons of BOC's because after their Woot-off's they make TONS of money. DealsPlus doesn't even make money from sales because they don't sell anything. They only make money out of clicks and advertising. You can't compare apples and oranges and expect them to taste the same.

DealsPlus could have done a better job with the bags, but they are still learning. It was a birthday event, so to all the loyal dealsplus users, it was just fun to participate. $5 is what you spend on snacks one day anyways. Not a big deal.

Anyway enjoy your prizes everyone, and to those unsatisfied, get your refund and don't buy in if there's another BOC. Good day.
vectra5 Jul 31, 2007
well said xichigox!
silverstrand Jul 31, 2007
The only problem I have is the fact that Deals said "You help us cleaning up our crap". I doubt they had 100 of these stuffed animals laying around.
xichigox Jul 31, 2007
I think they might have. Plus when you're talking about a mystery bag, they usually talk about cleaning up 'crap' to give away. That's why it's crap. =P

If you remember from a while back, they gave out a lot of the free C*U*B*B*Y gel pens and even had some babu stuff. I believe they probably had tons of this lying around, which is true to them cleaning their 'crap' laying around.
TheJammer Jul 30, 2007
Alright, so I received my BOC at home, but I am in my dorm room for another couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me if a 3x5 package is an indication that I got the pen and keychain?
windhunde Jul 30, 2007
Thanks DP ... Very nice BOC!

I just got mine today in Virginia ... shipped from

1GB Creative Zen V in white - refurbished. I did not get any advance notice from

Let me add to those that think the whiners should STFU about getting crap in their bag of crap.
DrkBluePGT Jul 30, 2007
I got the pen and stuffed animal, I just wish I had a young girl to give it to, looks like this will be going into the halloween giveaway this year.......
DrkBluePGT Jul 30, 2007
New "BOC" will be launched into space this Saturday. I will let you know how the little bear keychain does as an astronaut. I hope the launch is a success....ill keep you all posted
folta Jul 30, 2007
hey guys,
calm down.

it's a bag of _crap_!
no one made you buy it, stop complaining!
"No promise on what you’re getting since we don’t even know what you’ll get. We are not even sure how much crap we put in your bag. So don’t ask why other people got that and I got this. You know our answer: We don’t know. We might even mistakenly throw away our iPhone. We’re just cleaning up our crap and put it in bags. Just be content. It’s good for you."
read it!
Just be content.
There you go. DP said, you took a chance and some of you got what they advertised. Crap. So? I think the $5 was worth it to get these gifts just for the wait and imagining what you can get.

If you don't like the way DP does things, we don't really care. If you want to complain, don't complain to the community.

Thats it.

Thanks DP!
jklyank Jul 31, 2007
I don't understand what your point is.
hobomatt Jul 30, 2007
wahoo got my BOC today from and I am one happy kid. Payed $5 and got a 2GB SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Flash Drive. Thank You Dealspl!!!
ujaas Jul 30, 2007
I wouldn't mind getting that.
lexx575 Jul 30, 2007
Ok listen guys I just received my crap and guess what I got a pen and a key chain and it looks great. I am not going to sit here and complain at what I got because I didn’t have high expectations for this because it said it will be crap and that is what many people got. Everyone is looking at what everyone else got but the description says, "Do not ask and do not look what other people are getting." So please next time read carefully. Please to all the complainers stop complaining you got what was expected so once again please stop complaining and be happy at what you got, and as for Vin I really think you shouldn’t give back a refund because you clearly stated what everyone is going to get, and thanks Vin for my wonderful prize I really like it.
Maleficus Jul 30, 2007
Please don't sit here and try and convince us that you're happy with your 'wonderful prize' of a pen and keychain. This isn't about getting something worse than someone else, this is about virtually everyone getting worthless items with no variety. This wasn't let's throw a bunch of random stuff out there to our fans, this was lets take everyone's 5 dollars and buy a few people some decent craps and give everyone else a dollars worth of crap, stick a stamp on an envelope and sayonara.
sullyj Jul 30, 2007
I can not believe that people would willingly pay for crap then complain later about said crap. You sir, are a piece of crap.
lexx575 Jul 30, 2007
To tell you the truth I really enjoy the pen and the keychain they look great
MikeUMD Jul 30, 2007
Yea the keychain is very nice looking
sullyj Jul 30, 2007
PS I just received my Bag of crap. Thanks for the ISound Harmony 2.1 Ipod speaker system. Dealsplus, your crap is the best:)
folta Jul 30, 2007
@sullyj: Well played.
Vin_Diesel Jul 30, 2007
We will refund $5 if you return it within 10 days afer receiving.
Maleficus Jul 30, 2007
Just add me to the growing count of unhappy people. I received my package today, apparently dealsplus thought I was the bag and took a crap all over me. I don't want your keychain and pen, the items + the postage aren't even worth 5 dollars. I am returning said crap to you, I hope you enjoy it. Please take the 5 dollars and put it savings until you can a enroll in a class on the ethics of business as this was grossly misleading, you took the 'bag of crap' idea that woot has had great success with because they actually give people something, and most everyone gets something different, and you destroyed it.

Congratulations dealsplus, you have lost a loyal patron.
Maleficus Jul 30, 2007
Here is a pretty decent list of how Bag of Craps should work:
Vin_Diesel Jul 30, 2007
Sorry about it. But we sent lots of good deals too. We will refund $5 if you return it.
mugs Jul 30, 2007
Lots of good deals? It seems like only 3 people have posted about getting something different than the key chain and pen!
mugs Jul 30, 2007
You are absolutely correct. I have never been lucky enough to get a boc from woot (yet), but I know that you get at least one good item!! Seems like a scam here.
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vectra5 Jul 30, 2007
To Maleficus and all other unhappy members of DP Community:

Get Over it! It's unbelievable how you guys react to contents of you bag of crap.

You were promised to get crap, you did get why are you complaining??? you said "this was grossly misleading" ..what was misleading?? Did you expect iphone in every bag?? That's how this works, some people get something nice, some people get crap. You can't please everyone!. The problem with you and others is , you had your expectations high going into the contest! WRONG..- prepare yourself for Crap as they promised...if you get something better - Great..if not...well.. you at least you were expecting it... PLEASE PLEASE stop's getting annoying! I got a crappy bag too..but hey..I took my chances and I'll make best of what I got.. thanks !!
Maleficus Jul 30, 2007
See my response to lex's post. This was grossly misleading, it seems we entered into a lottery unknowingly, this wasn't random crap distribution. if this was woot, and I had gotten 3 bag o airs, I would be disappointed, but I would also understand that it is luck of the draw, I know the majority of the people who order their bag of craps will get something at least marginally useful. That is entirely not the case here.
smuuv Jul 30, 2007
Now there's no need for all that. I was just disappointed. I was hoping for a grand prize but I know life isn't fair. We all took the chance, some of us craped out! I hope to have the same opportunity in the future. Guess I'm a gambler by nature. Thanks for this opportunity.
toast Jul 30, 2007
I agree with you Maleficus. I think it was slightly "misleading." $5 is a tad bit high for shipping two small items.

But I also think you're being a little hard on DealsPlus. They did say ask us, "...who is so dumb to buy a bag of crap?" I guess we were? You have to admit though, we're kinda lucky DP is allowing us to get a refund for their "crap" they don't want. Although, I don't think I will because I'm too lazy to do it :P
Deals_Wiz Aug 15, 2007
hey fag stop complaining about it be happy wit what u got
mugs Jul 30, 2007
So, that was a big waste of $5...a key chain and a pen that doesnt even write. I have plenty of those already!
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Deals_Wiz Aug 15, 2007
u better shut up be4 u get banned
DancinFrogs Jul 30, 2007
I received the pen and key chain. THANKS DEALSPLS. You have changed my life forever!!!!!!!!!
MikeUMD Jul 28, 2007
Still haven't got mine dunno if I get the pen and key chain hope not. That would really suck. So most people got the key chain and pen from deals plus shipped right.
Maleficus Jul 28, 2007
Yes, and I would go ahead and mentally prepare yourself for the suck.
akaricke Jul 28, 2007
I got what some others did. A crappy stuffed animal key chain and a gel pen. Lived up to the crap description in the post. Oh well. Grats to the ones who actually got a deal.
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r0dney Jul 28, 2007
I got my crap today, and I am quite pleased with my motorola bluetooth headset crap:

It's refurb r0xx0rz, but for $5 I'm not complaining.

Thanks DealsPlus, this site is awesome.
hobomatt Jul 28, 2007
r0dney, where did you BOC come from?
r0dney Jul 28, 2007
Mine shipped from, but unlike Mike, mine didn't have a link in the email giving it away.
hinncoke Jul 27, 2007
damn how did they ship it im still waiting for my crap to come,

o, happy birthday dealsplus
vectra5 Jul 27, 2007
I got my bag today. It's a Laptop Sleevefrom
mikeisme77 Jul 27, 2007
mikeisme77 Jul 27, 2007
I forgot to put a caption. But that's me and the crap I got--the One for All Kameleon Remote. Best bag of crap I've gotten from any place (I've gotten them from Woot, MidnightBox--worst crap, Chegg--which had decent crap, and some other place that I don't even remember).

Anyway, thanks again DealsPlus and I hope you have many more birthdays to come :)
gorac369 Jul 27, 2007
man, i got crappy crap. A pen and a tiny stuffed animal. the pen isnt even a decent one. *sigh*it wasnt even worth to cost of shipping.
MikeUMD Jul 27, 2007
They did say they were throwing away crap lol. Where did it ship from?
Maleficus Jul 27, 2007
I'd be willing to bet that's what most of us get, something similar to yours. My guess is everyone who didn't get shipping info will suffer this fate.
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Vin_Diesel Jul 27, 2007
Thank you gorac369 for reporting.
The stuffed animal is a keychain.
hoboto Jul 27, 2007
haha i got the same gift. ;)
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MikeUMD Jul 27, 2007
hope i dont get it lol
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toast Jul 27, 2007
Hmm, I'm sorry that your crap wasn't pleasant. I'm hoping that maybe the longer it takes to ship, the better it will be. Though I know that this is definitely not the case, I can always hope.
silverstrand Jul 28, 2007
i got the same. you know this does kinda suck, as this is not something they had just laying around. they most likely went out and bought 100-200 of these stuffed animals and pens. worst five dollars ever. but, ya, still won't change me from my views on dealsplus.
toast Jul 28, 2007
I totally agree with you silverstrand. Big let down. I got the pen, the dinky keychain, and a strand of the packer's hair.
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smuuv Jul 28, 2007
I got the same pile of crap. When my Son brought me the mail and I saw the little package, I wanted to cry.
jklyank Jul 29, 2007
For sure, $5.00 shipping for a small envelope with a throw away pen and keychain. I think I learned something here... sigh
mikeisme77 Jul 26, 2007
Got my Bag of Crap in today. I got a One For All Kameleon remote (the kind that has a blank screen until you pick it up and such. Definitely worth the cost of shipping and then some :)

Thanks DealsPlus!
acs12798 Jul 26, 2007
Where'd yours ship from?
toast Jul 26, 2007
Your crap's is pretty nice. And do fill us in (or me at least)- was your surprise spoiled?
utch Jul 26, 2007
I want a pic! Thats some nice crap!
mikeisme77 Jul 26, 2007
My surprise was spoiled :( But that's ok, cuz it's some nice crap :)
mikeisme77 Jul 26, 2007
Mine shipped from and I think they have a shipping center in California and I'm in central California (San Francisco Bay Area) for the summer.
mikeisme77 Jul 26, 2007
I'll try to take an actual picture of it later (I had to leave it at the office as I had a meeting that ran late and had to catch my ride). So until then, here's the DealsPlus link to an offer where you can buy your own at a nice price from
erichoangnguyen Jul 26, 2007
I got no email notification either. They supposed to ship BOC on the 23rd. I hope it'll arrive this week. If not, that's just crap :)
ujaas Jul 26, 2007
they said abt 7 business days so by tuesday it should come (sunday isnt a business day)
Vin_Diesel Jul 26, 2007
We didn't send any email notification for the Bag of Crap from DealsPlus but you will receive it this week or early next week.
MikeUMD Jul 25, 2007
I guess mine will come from deals plus because i got no email.
samba3_11 Jul 25, 2007
I bought one and can't wait for it. I did not receive any kind of e-mail notification either. I was more curious about when the picture for the BOC changed to a gift bag and pig?
Maleficus Jul 25, 2007
No shipping info received here, I wonder how many BOC's were purchased total?
toast Jul 25, 2007
+1. Good question. I wonder how much "crap" the people of DP bought extra. No shipping info here yet either. I'm kind of thinking that most will not get any shipping info though.
mikeisme77 Jul 25, 2007
I got an e-mail last night with what I think is the co-sponsor of my particular crap ( in my case) and a link to an item on sold by Not sure if the item is what's going to be in my bag of crap or if it was just a link to another item. The item is definitely worth the cost of shipping and such, but I'm not sure how I feel about the surprise being ruined (if it was)... I guess I'll find out soon...
acs12798 Jul 25, 2007
Im wating for my BOC, its coming from, wonder what other places people are getting from.
golfgod04 Jul 25, 2007
im waiting for a woot bag of crap...and a dealspl one...this is gonna be a good week
toast Jul 23, 2007
I hope my crap comes soon!
civic07 Jul 20, 2007
Oh Wow that was a quick expiry, i brought 2 days ago at 10:00. Cant wait to see whats inside!!
Cyntillations Jul 20, 2007
Damn, I wanted a Bag of Crap *pout*
Maybe next year?
hoboto Jul 19, 2007
Wow. It's been awhile since I've said something. :)

Awesome gift for the community DP, I hope mine comes fairly soon. Happy birthday and hope everyone is doing well.
katmatmom Jul 19, 2007
I missed it! That is just CRAP! :) Maybe some sort of other holiday bag of crap give away is in the works? ;) *prays for another chance to get a bag of crap*
CMaxx Jul 19, 2007
Isn't it funny how happy we all are to have been able to purchase some Bags o' Crap?

I wonder what's wrong with me sometimes.

I can't wait to get my crap.
Maddog Jul 19, 2007
Happy Birthday, Lets hope I get something real nice...
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Vickz Jul 19, 2007
WOW!!! Expired already!
Lucky I did purchase one
pooper Jul 19, 2007
Sweet stuff man, I love this site!
golfgod04 Jul 19, 2007
Happy Birthday!! I ordered one too.. I check this site multiple times a day and love it!
DaRabidDuckie Jul 19, 2007
Thanks for the crap! *thumbs up*
nimrodboy3 Jul 19, 2007
Thanks =).
Vickz Jul 19, 2007
I am waiting for your crap DealsPlus!!!
Looking forward to see what's inside the bag.
ham3cheese Jul 19, 2007
i hope it smells good.