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I love finding fun Or useful deals & passing them along to friends who can benefit from them! I think a 'retail price' is make-believe, and 'free shipping' is one of my favorite phrases.

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Well its not a big deal, we both here try to find people good deals=) you are nice to offer to expire yours buts you don't gotta. take care
posted by MrBklynW | Apr 29, 2011 | MrBklynW's Comment Wall
Great deals...Look forward to following you. Thanks for your comments.
posted by grandma5 | Apr 18, 2011 | grandma5's Comment Wall
Did my code really help you save on a fan? I saw the model (I think) that I purchased around this time last year for WAY less in the sale. I was ticked!! I wish I'd seen a promotion like this then!
posted by Perkalicious11 | Apr 01, 2011 | Perkalicious11's Comment Wall
Happy deal posting :)
posted by robo05 | Mar 17, 2011 | robo05's Comment Wall
Nice deals posted Pal...I am following you now :)
posted by robo05 | Mar 17, 2011 | robo05's Comment Wall
Thank you so much for the help in achieving my goal and for posting a reply to my thread on ask & share! :)
posted by Beautifulminds | Mar 06, 2011 | Beautifulminds's Comment Wall
Thanks for letting me know!
posted by Yaloco | Mar 01, 2011 | Yaloco's Comment Wall
Thanks for commenting on my question about front page deals. I will change my default to the fresh page as well. Following!
posted by HotNana | Feb 02, 2011 | HotNana's Comment Wall
Great update! That is a significant price reduction!