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An increase in Natural and Man Made Disasters has created an immediate need for survival training and disaster preparedness. More alarming is the neglect of people with special needs and limited income to properly prepare for a crisis. All over the nation we remember the news of devastating calamities befalling our neighbors and maybe even our very own families. If it hasn’t touched you yet be assured that it will! Events such as; Blizzards, Oil Spills, Earthquakes, Fires, Flooding, Hurricanes, Terrorism, Tornadoes, and Wind Storms can create a devastating crisis as well as long lasting hardships. We want to provide low income and disabled members of our community the mental, emotional, physical, and financial resources to care for themselves and survive any disaster. Let’s not let people in our community suffering from ailments such as; ALS, Asthma, Autism, Cancer, HIV/Aids, Mental Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, and other disabilities go defenseless into the face of danger any longer. Support Movement for a Prepared America by Sending a Donation Today! Movement for a Prepared America You can support friends of the Movement for a Prepared America by visiting: DJ6ual: An Irish Girl's Blog [ Pray for Aidan designbytink: Handmade Jewlery For You Your Angel Lives Here The Xander Zone!
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