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Ideals for Responsible DPers - a Work in Progress 1. No cheating. 2. No trivial updates. 3. Shipping charges stated. 4. Deals checked for accuracy before submitting. 5. Refurbs and used items - listed in title. 6. No deals from shady merchants. 7. No favoritism. 8. Criteria For Evaluating Deals: Once a deal gets within a click of front-page numbers, I look at it with increased scrutiny. Some of the factors I take into account in deciding whether to thumbs up, thumbs down, or ignore are: 1. Is it a good price and not recently sold for less? 2. Is it available to everyone or nearly everyone? 3. If it's free, does it represent good value relative to the time needed to order it? 4. Has the submitter stated the deal accurately? 5a. Are shipping charges commensurate with the cost or value of goods? 5b. When free* shipping requires more than a nominal purchase, is the actual shipping charge listed on the grid page rather than requiring a click-through? 6. Is the merchant reputable?-may require research if unknown 7. If the item is known to be frequently counterfeited, is the merchant unquestionably trustworthy? 8. Is it gimmicky like many deals from groupon, dealspulp, etc. where the actual discount is in the end often much less than it appears? In response to: http://dealspl.us/answer/what_criteria_do_people_use_for_thumbing_up_vs_plussing_a_deal/7742 Also see this material I found elsewhere with respect to evaluating deals: http://dealspl.us/answer/guidelines_for_negative_votes/7813
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