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Hello! I live in San Jose, CA. and I am new to this site and looking to gain knowledge of how things work here! Recent college grad in need of work and looking for ways to save on everything! (Hint on who uses this site!) I'm interested in how technology is changing the old ways of doing business and reaching out to people. I like when companies incorporate social media in order to reach more people and therefore increase business. (I've seen it work exponentially). I love when I am able to "seek out" a coupon that I am interested in, versus receiving many coupons from random places I am not interested in. Great deals! Why not use them? Can't resist a good offer! Favorite Department Store: Kohl's Favorite Eateries: Cheesecake Factory Favorite Coupon Site: Always open to suggestions, tips, and pointers! So please comment my wall as you see fit! Thank You.
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