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KALEN JEWELRY is a privately owned manufacturing company and online wholesale distributor of stainless steel and watch jewelry. The founders of the company first met on their business trip to DongGuan, where they were fortunate enough tour a crafstman's workshop and get a taste for the basics of jewelry production. Upon returning to GuangZhou, our founders adopted the business model they saw already working well in current China steel jewelry market, to the wholesale oversea. KALEN JEWELRY made a commitment to providing attractive and reasonable prices for top quality products. We decided to stick with stainless steel jewelry because steel is a virtually imperishable and naturally hypo-allergic metal. Striving to expand our customers’ options, while maintaining low production costs and pricing, we have added pocket watch jewelry and pendant watch jewelry to our catalog this year. Within a couple of years in this business we have assembled a stable crew of devoted specialists who now hire and train passionate individuals for the company’s various branches. We are proud to be creating top quality steel and watch jewelry, as well as an overall enjoyable shopping experience for our valued customers.
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