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Member since: September, 2009
kinggool.com is a clothing exporter and manufacturer based in Hong Kong since 2003. We have two authorized specialty stores located in Hong Kong and Houston , and more than 100 stores in China Mainland . We started selling polo-shirts online since 2005. The main products we carry are polo shirts, . We only work with fast and safe shipping carriers such as EMS and UPS, we provide free shipping for all orders to USA, , , etc Your orders will be delivered to your door steps in no time. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! kinggool.com we absolutely value our customers and their privacy. Your privacy is important to Us. The information that is gathered by us has only internal uses in order to help us better serve you in the future. Such information is not your personal information, but that of your hardware, which enables us to analyze important statistics and traffic information. Your personal information, however, is only used for shipping and/or notification purposes.Rest assured that.kinggool.com does not sell, rent, or exchange information to-or-with any third party. Nor do we use this information to send unnecessary E-mails. We believe that everything on this site is authentic. If for any reason you find that something you purchased on this site is not, please send back, we will refund you 100% and remove the item from the site after investigating its authenticity. We make our suppliers sign a contract that states that all merchandise provided to us is 100% authentic. Why are your products so cheap? We deal with overstock products from various suppliers around the world or directly from the facories. We also don't spend money on advertising and have a low overhead. '
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