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People think I'm crazy because I rant and rave about the crap that goes on in the world day in and day out. I refuse to settle for pedestrian marginalization which is what are leaders would like us to think is the standard quo; the best they can achieve. there is no denying that we are the greatest military superpower that time has ever seen however we fail miserably on other fronts. our humanitarian efforts abroad, in third world countries is welcomed until they no longer need us and that is when the flag burning begins again and ernest. our leaders in washington know that this is diplomacy by bribery yet they continue to do it while our citizens at home are unemployed, hungry and living in wretched conditions . I cannot speak for others and I am not a proselytizer; simply stated I cannot countenance this. less when I know that we all can have the best. this is why people think I'm crazy because, I still rant and rave about these injustices all day. That's okay, I'd rather it be heard than swept under a rug.
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