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I am a good ol' southern girl, born and raised in the south which I love that about myself!!! It is becoming more and more rare, when meeting them that they are actually from the south, much less from the same state they were born in!!! I know it probably sounds silly, but I do just always find it interesting in all of the things I mentioned above when I meet new ppl everyday:) lol!!! So I'm proud to say I'm a GEORGIA girl born and raised with true southern values that I cherish: I do wanna say that I am not a dumb hick, unable to talk correctly, nasty redneck, or any of the other stereotypes that are usually labeled when ppl think of the true southern person!!! As u can probably tell by reading so far that this is 1 thing I feel very strong about:)! Next thing is well of course why I became a member of this website, is I love finding new ways to save money anyway I can for my family&I, so I'm able to get us all more things that I wouldn't be able 2 get it all if I never found good deals, awesome sales, coupons, B1G1 free deals, free samples of new items (so I can know if it suits my family's needs or if we like it or not, there's nothing worse than buying full-size new products&none of us like it, then that's just my money down the drain which as we all know none of us r able to throw away $ like that this day n time), friends telling me about deals they've found, basically any and everything that'll save me $ on anything I buy no matter what it is!!! I am a deal chaser, extreme couponer, shopping all sales maniac& happy 2 do it& I will always be like this. There's nothing better than being able 2 get more items for my buck, I do not like having 2 pay full price for things, because if I always paid full-price 4 products then I wouldn't be able 2 purchase nearly as much or as many things like I am able to purchase by always being on the hunt 2 save money. I used to be that way not caring if what I wanted was on sale or not, just buying things that were full price and so on, but that all changed 4 me about 12yrs ago when I decide to clip coupons 1day b4 I went shopping for all my household items. Well I took my grandma with me&we went to Wal-Mart like we did & still do monthly for her house & my house, I got all the things that we normally got each month, so we went 2 ck out & our total b4 coupons was over $300.00 then they scanned the big stack of coupons making our total either $97 or $98.00. All I do remember is both of our jaws dropping & knowing I had just saved us a total of $102.00 on just that 1 purchase @ Wal-Mart so that was my eye-opening money saving experience that started my way to always figure out how to save $. I have learned a lot through out the yrs, always learning out new ways 2 save $ & I'm always open to advice from other ppl have 2 tell me I take all of it in. Plus I enjoy sharing my $-saving tips 2 other ppl, especially when I see their faces when I see them again after seeing how much $ they saved is awesome to me;)!! So basically that's about it Lol, it's alot to read but I can't help expressing my feelings on things that I'm very passionate about!!!
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