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Apr 05, 2007
Really good deal. My friend got this deal and said it was great!
Apr 02, 2007
Change of topic...
Anybody have VERIZON FIOS? I can't wait until it is available in my area. I am not satisfied with my current situation and looking for a change. Anybody have any comments on FIOS?
Apr 03, 2007
FIOS is amazingly fast and pretty reliable from what I hear from my neighbors (I have comcast). The bad part is they will tear up your neighberhood putting the fiber in. They use subcontractors that just do not care. They trenched, dropped the cables and shoved the dirt on top. No grass seed, no straw, no nothing. The other utilities around here put down sod after tearing things up because the soil is so rocky nothing grows.
Apr 02, 2007
Even though this is a great deal, I just cannot bring myself to buy into one of those "for the first year" deals. What is the price AFTER that first year?
From the disclaimer: Beginning month 13, monthly rate will increase to the then-current annual contract (w/ renewal) or month-to-month rate.
Apr 02, 2007
you can always cancel after 1 year.
Apr 02, 2007
Last month the basic 768 plan was $9.99 for 6 months...? Still 19.99 for 6 months at 3mg with free wireless modem and self install kit .It was pretty easy hook-up and it is faster.. I like it so far...
Apr 02, 2007
Check with your DSL provider the max speed your line can handle. I signed up for faster DSL and paid more only to find out the max speed my line can only take somewhere around 300kbps. Still it is way faster than Dial-up.

I'm planning to switch to cable, but Comcast is giving me all sorts of problems concerning set up and installation.

This does look like a pretty good deal.
Apr 02, 2007

When I lived in my apartment, I was paying $30/month for the 3MB down service... I moved across town, and now I still pay $30/month, but for the 1.5MB down plan.

Their reasoning is that I pay $30/month for the fastest plan available to me.

So basically I pay the same price for half the service. Bums.

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