Vote for #1: Five Best Sites for Finding Deals Online (DealsPlus made it!!!)

Vote for DealsPlus to be #1!
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What's the matter?
johng333 Dec 15, 2008
I voted - twice
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Dec 15, 2008
Vote button doesn't show up in Chrome :/

I voted in FF though :)
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Eve15 Dec 15, 2008
Wooohoooo! Dealsplus! I'm so proud of you and well deserved! Congratulations to DP Team and members!
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hamstergirl Dec 15, 2008
TKS! :)
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BigJJ Dec 15, 2008
Keep voting people! Keep voting like it's Chicago back in the 50's. Keep voting like your first born child is at stake. Just keep voting!
Dec 14, 2008
i voted.
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moose Dec 14, 2008
Well deserved!! Kudos to the DP team
Pnmerk Dec 14, 2008
i for some reason am still not able to post to lifehacke i think they dont like me
Eve15 Dec 15, 2008
All the comments have to be approved. Your first comment is like an interview, it has to be either helpful, knowledgeable, original, or funny. Somewhere along those lines. Try commenting on another post to get approved, set up your account, and try again.
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manzilllla Dec 14, 2008
We're only at 7%...looks like my vote didn't count for much. :(
MiMiLa Dec 14, 2008
Dealsplus #1, the best site ever!
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ibebofa Dec 14, 2008
Dealplus should be numbero UNO!!!!!
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LeBlog Dec 14, 2008
hell yes
calvinl Dec 14, 2008
Nice! That's pretty exciting. Up there with the top 5!
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hamstergirl Dec 14, 2008
Wow, thanks utch for the great news!
utch Dec 14, 2008 made it to the Top 5! Lets vote ftw