Free $1.50 Bayer Ice Cream Coupon

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What's the matter?
Christine Jul 01, 2012
aahhh i love breyers! they havee so many great flavours too =)
dvinegrace83 Jul 01, 2012
oh breyer's and bayer"s the same thing? the packaging looks the same... can't tell if it's just a typo, or if they really go by two different names..
shimisi Jul 01, 2012
I thought Bayer came out with ice cream, LoL :) That would be interesting.
TheJammer Jul 01, 2012
Haha its like PacMan...
GenericGuy Jul 01, 2012
Breyer's unfortunately no longer makes ice cream. The package now says "artificial dairy dessert." Recently bought a container of mint Oreo and basically had to throw it away. The texture was almost gummy, and it was certainly not creamy. I will not be getting Breyer's until they go back to the original recipe. Hence why they need a $1.50 coupon at the peak of their season.
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Dexterous Jul 01, 2012
dont love icecream but love freebie for kids
vimalr Jul 01, 2012
Cool savings for a cool sweep. Got my $1.50 coupon.
shopange08 Jul 01, 2012
Love me some ice cream.. thanks!
hemalaa Jul 01, 2012
Yummy...going to try this coupon....thanks for posting this deal.....
MrBklynW Jun 30, 2012
yummy ice cream! Thanks for the coupon!
aldeal Jun 30, 2012
zarrow Jun 30, 2012
You can use this manufacturer's coupon along with a Target coupon available at and get $3.00 off 2 Breyers Blasts at Target. My Target also has them on sale right now (The sign said remodel sale so it is probably not on sale at most loactions)
glwrks Jun 30, 2012
I never get ice cream @ Walmart cuz it's an hour + drive...but I was there yesterday & ours is now offering dry ice. Next trip I'll bring my coupon & ice chest:)
mnvikings11 Jun 30, 2012
Thanks, we always have ice cream in the house, it's very humid now, so some ice cream will hit the spot.
ArtemisDeals Jun 30, 2012
ooooooo ice cream. Hmm I think I will have to make a trip to walmart with this coupon :)
tpark6283 Jun 30, 2012
Sweet coupon! Super easy and usually on sale at our grocery store, which means almost free! :)
THartz606 Jun 30, 2012
$1.50 off of ice cream in the summer? Who's gonna pass that up. Thanks for sharing the find. :)
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blackfoot Jun 30, 2012
Good coupon for ice cream. We eat a lot of this!
heyimdennise Jun 30, 2012
Great find! Guess I'm buying some ice cream tonight! hehe
FibroMom Jun 30, 2012
How Fun! Thanks for the nice Coupon! We LOVE Bayer Ice Cream around here - and Saving $1.50 is a very Nice Bonus! Thanks. :)
zarrow Jun 30, 2012
You're not fooling me. There is no Bayer ice cream around there - maybe Bayer aspirin - but no ice cream.
Subha83 Jun 30, 2012
Nice it work for me.I played it got the coupon.Thanks.
deal Jun 30, 2012
Awesome.. can't go wrong with a $1.50 coupon for Breyer's Ice Cream.. Yummi! Thank you!
branie Jun 30, 2012
Going to play and save! Yum $1.50 off of one. Nice thanks. Between this and the Magnums!! :)
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