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Woot Off! Going On Now + $5 Ships All Day

How to Purchase:
    1. Add items to cart from Woot Off
    2. Pay $5 for shipping on everything in your cart. If you purchase additional items throughout the day, you will not pay another shipping charge!

What's a Woot Off?
Woot-Offs are huge sale events where a new product is launched the second the last deal sells out, so there are new deals available back-to-back. However, there's something called a "Half-Woot-Life" where each product that doesn't sell out cannot last for any more than 12 hours to keep the new deals rolling out.

The most exciting part is Woot will never reveal the total number of Woot-Off items, sequence, or quantity. So it's up to you to not miss the deals you want most!

When Woot-Off mode is over, the orange lights will disappear and their normal schedule will resume.

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What's the matter?
AnnYosh 15 days ago
Back again!
Heatherdaoremi Sep 13, 2016
Shineboy Aug 23, 2016
tr1plication Jul 26, 2016
Back again!
lolcassie Jul 12, 2016
good deal
branie Jul 12, 2016
Blast from the past..... pennyfan87 I cannot remember exact details but pennyfan87 was a very colorful/outspoken dp user.
BluSkyGreenGrass Jul 12, 2016
awesome sale
ahbf06 Jul 12, 2016
SavingKraze Jun 22, 2016
yshwang23 May 24, 2016
I don't need them... but too good to pass. Agh!!!
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Dunooo May 24, 2016
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dealchick22 Apr 19, 2016
woot offs used to be better, now it just seems like normal prices
tr1plication Apr 19, 2016
Back again!
jennij Mar 24, 2016
Got the Dyson DC39 for $179.99 woot woot!
tr1plication Mar 24, 2016
Back again
monster1991 Jan 25, 2016
Woot Off is back 1/25!
dealparadise Dec 28, 2015
Back again 12/29!
MrBklynW Nov 29, 2015
11/30 - back again!
dealparadise Nov 26, 2015
Live again with Black Friday Sales!
tr1plication Oct 28, 2015
Back again!
rd995 Aug 25, 2015
woot off continues added 2 more categories computers and electronics
glwrks Aug 25, 2015
$5 ships all day
rd995 Jul 27, 2015
woot off today select categories only click on each to see a different deal
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dealparadise Jul 13, 2015
Live again 7/14
Acarone Jun 09, 2015
looks like there's no woot off at the normal, but all the other categories have it (home, electronics, etc.). decent deals this time for once!
tr1plication May 13, 2015
Still working 5/13/2015
Acarone Mar 16, 2015
it's back! some decent stuff in the home.woot so far
xparraidr Feb 11, 2015
Do they still sell the "bag of crap"? Has anyone ever managed to buy one before they sell out?
undealievable Feb 12, 2015
I think they still sell it, but it's not as big of a deal as it used to be. Probably because nobody EVER got one..
monster1991 Feb 10, 2015
Back again! Check out what's new for the Woot Off!
dealparadise Jan 19, 2015
Woot Off! Back again!
tr1plication Dec 26, 2014
Back again
Acarone Nov 11, 2014
the only woot off going on is for sellout.woot currently
FibroMom Oct 21, 2014
Got a bag of crap a little after it started in the "Garage Sale" section on Kids.woot :)
tr1plication Oct 21, 2014
Back again 10/21
MaryChan Sep 21, 2014
It is just sold out. What a pity !!!
Aijiayuan Sep 22, 2014
No, there are also several one left @MaryChan
C0up0nsPlus Aug 14, 2014
has anyone here every been able to get a hold of the "bag of crap"?
tr1plication Aug 14, 2014
Back again
emmafashion Jun 24, 2014
still be useful?
MColeto Jun 24, 2014
I told myself I was going to be careful, but I ended up buying these cool Star Wars plush toys for my nephew :P
taylorvessos Jun 24, 2014
for now?
tr1plication May 20, 2014
Still going 5/20/2014
Acarone May 19, 2014
actually seen some decent deals. i'v never seen that lytro camera on sale, pretty sweet
bunnie6url05 Apr 24, 2014
Woot offs are super fun-- I got some interesting things in a BOC.
MColeto Apr 22, 2014
I always seem to find something interesting during a Woot Off!
VirginiaPeanuts Apr 22, 2014
Isn't whipping usually $4.99 or so unless stated otherwise?
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sttlesks Apr 22, 2014
Check it out its awesome. I just recently caught one of these woot offs and there were some really tempting good deals
lewiekh Apr 22, 2014
wow whats going on here? is it bad that I don't know what a woot off is?
FibroMom Feb 18, 2014
I always have fun with these! Did anyone see a BOC come up on the one yesterday? I kept checking and never saw one and yet they said they would have one. :(
MrBklynW Feb 17, 2014
2/18 - Woot off is back again!
Retrex Jan 14, 2014
Woot Off for the New Year!
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