XBOX 360 - Call of Duty 2

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moose Jul 11, 2008
great gameplay
tehk1w1 Jul 10, 2008
NOW on sale for 9.90
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tehk1w1 Jul 01, 2008
On sale for 19.99 -not 9.99
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ufp117 Mar 04, 2007
IGN Review : 9.0/10 (Outstanding)

"If Call of Duty took the World War II first-person shooter down the path of heavily scripted, audio-intensive battles the likes of which no one had ever played, Call of Duty 2 is a case study in the amplification of that same fierce intensity. Infinity Ward has approached World War II from the perspective of the average soldier doing nothing more than completing his given mission. And yet as a result of their renewed efforts, the LA-based developer has brought a piece of the war into the living room that's so intense, loud, and rocking, that I had to stop every so often just to calm my own nerves...."
TheTrueMaster Mar 04, 2007
Great game, I played it on the Xbox, and it rocked. It should be a lot better on the 360, especially the graphics. I highly recommend it for gamers who like 1st person shooters, and World War games.
d23dl1nk Mar 04, 2007
hey good deal!! thanks!
ufp117 Mar 03, 2007
umm i messed up the prices. the original should be $39.99, and the price we pay should be $30.99, there are no rebates. Sorry for the inconvenience, i would appreciate it if someone could fix the prices.